Five Things

1. Today, Mike and I celebrate being married for 11 years. We have known each other for 12. He is my husband, my baby daddy, my honey bunny, my weekend omelet maker, and my best friend.

2. My favorite thing about marriage? Man, that’s a tough one. So many things! But the thing I think I love the most is the unwavering, indisputable, non-negotiable belief that you have a person in your corner. Someone who believes is you. Someone who will fight for you. Someone who will hear you complain about how annoying your weekly grocery shopping trip was, and still think you’re sexy. Someone who shares their most intimate thoughts with you. Someone, who will always be there.

3. My least favorite thing about marriage? The guilt I feel over not sharing the last slice of pie or pizza, or last cup of coffee. Eleven years later, and it should be noted, I still eat the last piece. But that guilt man. It’s annoying! (Just get your own pie already.)

Sharing is hard. 

4. When Mike and I got married, I had never day-dreamed about my wedding or life as a married person. It wasn’t about that. But from the first date with Mike, I knew my life had to include him. No specifics, other than him. We could go anywhere, be anything. The one thing that had to remain, was him.

5. My husband drives me crazy. Like, SO. CRAZY. Why are men so oblivious? It’s mind boggling, really. But if there is one truth I’ve learned, it’s that every single thing I’ve demanded of him and he has in turned given me has just been, meh. The things I never asked for? The things I didn’t think I needed/wanted, but he brought into my life anyways? Wow. Game changers. I’m glad we are so different. I’m glad that when I say zig, he says zag. It makes life tough some time. Like, bang your head against the wall and want to just hit the reset button – tough. But it’s also where the magic lies. It’s where the adventure happens. And truly, that’s where the life transforming, soul filling, gut wrenching, stay up all night talking with your best friend, love happens.

Be different. Be weird. But never stop being in love.


Happy Friday, all you love birds. Marriage is wonderful. Other than sharing the pie. That is less wonderful.

photo, from a wedding back in 2011. droppin gang signs and keepin it fresh since 2005.



4 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. Happy Anniversary! I’m a little jealous of people who get to sort of grow up together, as opposed to marrying someone who is already firmly set in their adult life. Your marriage has been such a blessing and even a lifeline to me. Also, you guys look good together. ❤

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