How We Celebrated Our 11th Anniversary

We celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary this past weekend. Actually, we are still kind of celebrating. Mike ran out to get us a movie, so I’m furiously typing away to prepare this post for tomorrow so I can get to some homemade popcorn, a movie, and quality chill time with my guy.

Let me keep this simple.

Beatrice was with us for the morning and early afternoon, so we stayed local. We slept in. Mike made us breakfast. Then we hit up Sure House in downtown Wooster and checked out a new boutique. We ate at our favorite local restaurant for lunch. 

We made plans to celebrate our anniversary by shopping and eating out. We do the “envelope system” for our budget, which basically means we try to pay for things in cash. This also means you save up for the stuff you want, rather than impulsively buying whatever. Mike’s been working extra hard this summer to start his own business, so we threw most of that income into savings for boring stuff like car insurance, but skimmed some off the top for our anniversary celebration.

After we dropped off the kids at a sitter, we headed to Cleveland to do a little shopping before dinner. I’m really buckling down on creating my capsule wardrobe and on the way up, we went through a capsule wardrobe creator to determine what we are looking for in a wardrobe: what we have that doesn’t work, what we have that does, and styles/brands we know we love. I had our budget envelopes ready to go.

A few hours and several purchases later, we were back in the car and ready to go to dinner.

As we drove to the restaurant, I started to feel really emotional. Like, really emotional. We did the math. We haven’t gone shopping since before Theo was born. That’s over five years! Sure, we’ve bought things. We’ve gone out and picked up an item here or an item there. But we haven’t made a list of items we wanted/needed and then gone out to get them all in one trip. Other than the occasional trip to the Apple Store, we haven’t shopped in a mall in six years.

Between having kids, buying a home, Mike pursuing his Master’s degree while working in a low income school district, and me being a SAHM, our budget has been T I G H T. I’ve really grown a lot in the past few years. I’ve genuinely relished our paired back, simple living. I’ve been transformed from someone who just wanted ALL THE THINGS to someone who really appreciates what she has, is creative in getting the things she needs, and enjoys keeping things simple.

But let me tell you. After almost six years IT FELT GOOD TO SHOP.

And so I cried.

Then we went to the same restaurant that we went to last year (and plan on always returning to for our anniversary) and feasted like we had never feasted before. We ordered every course. We tried new things. We sat their for hours and enjoyed conversation in between bites.

We celebrated our marriage. We celebrated each other. We celebrated the hard years, the good years, and everything in between. We celebrated how good God has been to us, and how much he has changed us. We celebrated our life together. We celebrated not having our kids with us. WE. CELEBRATED IT ALL.


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