I Am Not A Cruise Ship Director

Dear Children,

Brace yourselves. This might come as a shock to you.

But I, your momma/mother/mom/lady who birthed you, am not a cruise ship director, and this ain’t no cruise.

I’m not in charge of balloon animals, or puppet shows.

Our family motto is not “the happiest place on earth.”

I don’t do magic, I don’t work miracles.

This is not Make A Wish Foundation.

Your wish, is certainly not my command.

I am not a 24 hour IHOP.

I don’t do floorshows, I don’t bring the boom.

I’m not here to micromanage your happiness, your  decisions, or your good time.

It’s not my job to make your childhood magical.

It’s already magical. You are magic.

You possess everything within your head, your heart, and your hands, to create your own wonderment. All you need from me is the love, the freedom, and the unshakeable belief that I’m in your corner. And trust me, you’ve got it.

So no, I am not your cruise ship director. There is no 24 hour buffet. No nightly variety act.

You, my dear children, are the ships. I am, and will always be, your safe harbor.

So make your own dang balloon animal.



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