Thursday Things I Love: New Opportunities, Refrigerator Pickles, and Little Shop Helpers

It’s been a funky week. Do you guys ever find yourself in a funk? That weird place where your emotions don’t quite know where to land? My husband and I had a wonderful time celebrating our eleventh anniversary this week, and bunch of really great things happened this week. And yet…blah. The funk. Why does that happen?


But speaking of Gilmore Girls….I just can’t event wait for the reboot. Can’t. Even. Wait.

But back to this week. it’s been a great week. I think I’m just feeling the impending pressure of still more change to come. It’s all good. Take a look at the things I love right now:

this opportunity


I have a friend who teaches a wonderful prenatal yoga class and she needed a sub to cover the class while she went on vacation, and she asked me! I felt really honored to be entrusted with the care of these special little mommas and I had so much fun teaching the class. Pregnant mommas, you are so beautiful!

this fresh produce


Our garden is starting to really produce some yummy treats! We’ve been enjoying fresh green beans, green peppers, swiss chard, and mini cucumbers all week.

this favorite annual project


Every summer, I make refrigerator pickles. They are so easy to make and SO delicious. You can make pickles out of any fresh produce – asparagus, cucumbers, green beans, etc. This year, though, I had fun knowing that the dill, cucumber, and peppers were grown fresh in my back yard! I felt like Annie Oakley and Laura Ingalls Wilder and Martha Stewart all rolled into one.

these summer eats


Summer salads are my jam. I love, love, love summer salads.

these proud little shoppers


We took Theo back-to-school shopping and he was so proud to show off his book bag, shoes, and lunch box to my Grandma, whom he calls “Yoo-Hoo.”

I couldn’t help myself, and purchased Oliver a lunch box too. He thinks he is going to school, mostly because he just looks up to his brother so much and wants to do everything Theo does. It’s really sweet.

this new fashion trend


I have several small vintage scarves, given to me by my aunt before she passed away a few years ago. Small scarves have recently come back in fashion and I’ve really enjoyed adding them to my outfits!

this new no-bake recipe


These no bakes are SO GOOD! I’m not a fan of normal no-bakes because I don’t prefer chocolate and I really don’t like peanut butter. These no-bakes, however, are made with almond butter, coconut oil, coconut flour, and nuts. They are vegan and gluten free. The recipe comes from The Minimalist Baker and you can find it here.

this little helper


I received this photo from Mike while I was out running errands the other day. Mike said that Theo put on all his work gear all by himself and then posed just like this for a photo, completely unprompted.

One thing I love about Mike starting his own business and working from home all this summer is the chance our kids have had to not just be with him, but be with him in that particular setting.

My husband is an amazing father. He loves having his kids around him and naturally includes them in whatever he is doing. This summer, the boys have learned so much from him. They’ve learned the things he has shown them how to do, like how to hold a hammer and all the safety rules. But they’ve also learned all the things he showed them without saying a word. Things like how to be a hard worker. How to be creative. How to never give up. How to take care of people you love. How to pursue the things you love. How to work with your hands. How to create.

That, is without a doubt, something I love.


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