Thursday Things I Love: These Days

Theo went off to kindergarten  today.

I spent all of last evening writing his name on his bookbag and lunchbox, making his lunch, and looking at baby pictures. I do NOT recommend the latter to any moms who are struggling with sending their kids off to school. I kept looking at this one photo and just thinking about how he used to be a BABY and now he is NOT and WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR?

Good grief. Someone tell me to tighten up already.

We had a great week together. I wanted to finish the summer strong, so I spoiled all three kids. I filled our days with fun activities and special treats, because childhood is fleeting these are the days where you can communicate your love through sugary snacks and trips to the park and I wanna soak it ALLLLL UP.

Take a look at what I loved from this week:

this final bucket list item


One of our local parks went through a complete overhaul this spring and I’ve been anxious to take the kids to check it out. Between all our other bucket list items and knowing that the park was the latest go-to spot in town, we just hadn’t made it in yet. So this week I packed up the kids, grabbed Subway for lunch, and we enjoyed a picnic in the park with some serious playtime afterwards. I sat on a bench with Bea in one arm and my Starbucks in another, chatting to a mom I met and watching the boys run around and have a ball. It was perfection. The perfect ending to a really, really good summer.

this new tradition

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I snapped an “end of summer” portrait of the kids. I think I’m going to make this a tradition. I love this photo so much. The way Oliver is holding Beatrice but laughing like a goon, while Theodore is looking all handsome and stoic, holding onto his sister’s hand. I love it so much. Gosh these kids melt me through and through.

this new recipe

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My kids love pop tarts. Not the healthy, organic kind with cane sugar and real fruit, the crappy ones that are the crappiest of all junk pop tarts. I give them what they want because they out number me and I just can’t even deal in the morning. But. I found a recipe for homemade pop tarts and gave it a try this week. My kids don’t usually like my cleaned up (aka “healthier”) versions of their snacks, but this one went over fairly well. I used this recipe. (Although instead of using fresh fruit I just used our favorite fruit preserves.)

this normal evening


I love these people with all my heart. It’s the normal moments that mean the most, isn’t it? The ones where no one is watching, but YOU KNOW. You just know how special this time is. This time together. This time where you have nothing to do but be here, now.

this date

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My husband and I had a date last Saturday. We were invited back for another SOFAR experience and this one was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Our concerts took place on a boat in Cleveland, docked right next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! It was so fun and the atmosphere so amazing and the bands were SO GOOD! It was a great way to cap off our summer together. I’ll do another post all about our latest experience with SOFAR, but until then, you can read this post about our last experience.

this little honey


My friend calls this Beatrice’s “senior portrait pose,” which I think is hilarious. Isn’t she such a honey???

this not-so-little boy


The other day, I showed Theo the new school clothes I bought him and he asked to try them all on. Then he asked me to take his photo, and this is how he stood. Also, notice his brother. Oh goodness. Our home runs on big personalities, coffee, and Jesus. Can you tell?

this yoga break

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I did an amazing yoga ab workout the other day. My abs are still pulling a disappearing act, so I’m trying to rebuild some deep, inner core strength. I did this video and it was awesome.

this new routine

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I’ve been pinning all kinds of lunch box friendly recipes on Pinterest lately, trying to stash away inspiration for Theo’s school lunches. This recipe for no-bake monster cookies was a huge hit with everyone.

It’s easy to take for granted this stage of life that I’m in, where my kids truly don’t need much and what needs they do have are met through a hug, a special trip to the park, or a fun new snack. I know the days are fleeting when the biggest thing to mess up my kids’ days are who gets to play with what toy.

Kids only keep growing, and the heartaches that come with life only keep getting more serious.

But not today. Today, I packed my son’s lunch box – his first lunch box! – with all kinds of foods that I know he will love. I bought him a astronaut t-shirt to wear because I knew he would think that is neat. I know he will return home tired, but even that I know how to solve.

These are the days where boo-boos still get kissed, and suckers stop tears. These really are the days, aren’t they? And I love them. I love them so desperately.

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