Thursday Things I Love: Brothers Who Ride BMX, Little Boy Haircuts, and Walks With My Kids

I’m starting to see what people mean when they say that time speeds up once your kids enter school. I feel like this past week has been such a blur! I was looking back over my photos and thinking, “Did that really only happen just a few days ago? Or was it two weeks?” Hmmm. There were a few things that really stood out this week. Things that I really, really loved. Take a look.

this cool brother


My brother is good at everything he does, especially riding BMX. He and his buddy put on a BMX jam every summer and it’s a real highlight for me to get to go and watch him. I mean it when I say there is nothing I love more than watching and photographing my brother as he rides.

these two


Well, and then there were two! I’ll be honest, it feels a little strange without Theo, and it feels even more strange to deal with Oliver directly without the interruption/distraction of his older brother. Oliver cries every morning when his brother gets on the bus and wants him to come back, but then we hold hands and walk back to the house and he remembers that he gets all the toys to himself and suddenly, he is one happy camper. I’m grateful for this time and space for all of us. We are all growing up, I guess.

this “new” coffee table


We had this coffee table that I hated. So Mike repainted the legs and made a brand “new” top from reclaimed wood and this was the result. It’s so pretty! I feel scared for it’s life, though. I look at it every day and think, “You poor thing. You look good now, but just wait…Just. You. Wait…”

this sweet friend


Our very sweet and super talented friend offered to try and tame Oliver’s hair this week. We love his long curly locks, but his bangs were waaay past his eyes so we called in the pros. His face in this photo cracks me up. #meanmuggin

this proud haul


Tomatoes and watermelon for days!

these sweet guys


Our neighbor turned 16 and invited us all over for his party. But we are horrible mean parents and made the little ones leave for a nap before cake was served. Ben was kind enough to bring cake over later than evening. I love these guys. I love the friendship they all share and how it doesn’t matter who lives where or who belongs to who, we are all family.

this new snack


My friend Jana sent me this recipe for no-bake granola bars and boy were they a hit!

this morning adventure


Oliver is my little walk buddy. He asks to go on a walk almost daily. They other day, we grabbed snacks and headed to a beautiful, local walking path. Oliver and I ate tortellini salad on a picnic table while Beatrice played with her feet, then we headed out into the summer sun for a walk. We arrived back home ready for nap time, sweaty and happy.

this. just…this



Also – A roundabout was recently installed nearby. I get the biggest kick out of it. I’ll drive completely out of my way in order to zip around it. So yeah. You could say things are preeeetty good around here.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things I Love: Brothers Who Ride BMX, Little Boy Haircuts, and Walks With My Kids

    1. Thanks Erika! I think my husband did such a lovely job on the coffee table. Now I just hope it can survive my children! lol The relationship my kids have with our neighbor is the sweetest. What’s not to love about someone who delivers cake to your door? 😉 Hope you are having a great week, too!

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