32 Things I Love

Today is my 32 birthday. Let us rejoice!

(No, but seriously.)

I think the thing I love about birthdays the most is that it’s a pretty darn good reason to get together with the people you love. What I love about my birthday is that I get a solid month’s worth of excuses to make plans with some of my favorite people on this planet. It’s just the best. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

So, in honor of the day of my birth. Here is a list of 32 things I love right now:

  1. I love coffee more than is probably healthy to love an inanimate object. My love for it is real, unconditional, and unwavering. Take any love song out there. Remove the pronouns (him/her)  and sub the word “coffee” and you’ll start to get the idea about how I feel. Cue Leann Rimes: “How do I liiiiive without you? I want to know. I want to know. How do I breathe without you? If you ever go. How do I ever, ever survive?” You get the picture.
  2. I love my sexy man beast of a husband so much it’s hard to comprehend. I love him and I like him. The way he loves me and our kids is truly rare in this day and age, and oh yea – he has a booty that don’t quit. LOVE. (Babe, don’t read into being number two on the list.)
  3. I love my kids. Goodness knows I don’t always like them. I was awake for approximately 10 minutes this morning, the morning of my birthday, when I discovered Oliver took scissors to my beloved owl curtains in my living room. I didn’t even know he could use scissors. But anyways. I love being a momma. I love being their momma.
  4. I love pie, french fries, pizza and a good doughnut. Does that need an explanation?
  5. I love having random interactions with total strangers. Nothing gives me a kick more than making eye contact with someone out it public, stopping a moment to say something, and walking away knowing that people are waaaay better than we give them credit for. We all want the same thing: love, connection, acknowledgement, kindness.
  6. I love cooking and I love having people over for dinner. I love nourishing people’s bodies and souls by sitting down with them at my table. It’s life giving, and I love it.
  7. I love the water. The ocean. Lakes, rivers, streams. Any of it. All of it. The water calls to me and I feel it’s draw like the ocean feels the pull of the moon. Someday. Someday I will live near the water.
  8. I love rainy summer days.
  9. I love the heat. The hotter the better.
  10. I love going for a run on a ninety degree day with 100% humidity. I love the sweat running down my body, purifying and cleansing my soul.
  11. I love naps. Oh dear Lord. Thank you for inventing naps.
  12. I love staying up late.
  13. I love sleeping in.
  14. I love making new friends.
  15. I love cultivating long-lasting, good to the last drop, friendships.
  16. I love reading. I love the classics. I love anything by a Russian author, set in Russia, or about Russia. I love classic gum-shoe novels. I love essays. I love to be inspired, encourage, and engaged through the written word.
  17. I love my curly hair. It’s taken me years, YEAR, to say that. But I’ve made my peace with the beast, and now…we are friends.
  18. I love opening a bottle of red wine and sitting and laughing for hours and talking about anything and everything with people I care about.
  19. I love walking barefoot.
  20. I love almost any kind of music. But I love a navajo flute in the morning, a slack-key guitar in the afternoon, Pearl Jam while I make dinner, and The Black Keys when I go out. I listen to the Rolling Stones in my van. I blast CCR when it rains. I turn on Bob Marley when my kids are grouchy. I crank Fleetwood Mac when I’m feeling nostalgic. I play Dave Brubeck when I’m in the tub with a glass of Malbec. Ryan Adams accompanies me when I’m feeling sad. I work out with Katy Perry. I worship with Elevation and Hillsong. I get down to Florence.
  21. I love a fine dining experience with my hubby.
  22. I love watching Theodore wet and comb his hair in a way that is both so grown up and so little boy.
  23. I love the way Oliver tells me I’m “his best girl.”
  24. I love the way Beatrice strokes my arm with the gentlest of touches.
  25. I love the way my sister-in-law and I go back and forth between making each other belly laugh and cry big fat tears in almost the same breath. I love how real and raw our conversations can be.
  26. I love going out to breakfast with my brother and talking about movies and hearing him laugh and ordering cup after cup of coffee and remembering that now, even after all these years, he is still my person.
  27. I love the way I feel after I do yoga, as if my body is at peace with itself.
  28. I love hibiscus in my tea
  29. I love hats. Big, floppy hats.
  30. I love the noise of a big party and the quietness of my own home.
  31. I love falling down so that I can get back up.
  32. I love learning new things, because it reminds me that there is always more: more to love, more to know, more to experience, more to give, more to become. I love knowing that 32 is going to be the year of growing and becoming because 31 was the year of accepting and letting go. I’m here now. All of me. And I’m ready for what’s next.

7 thoughts on “32 Things I Love

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the sweetest women I know.
    And yes I know a few but reading the thing’s you write
    and the thing’s you live really make’s my heat overflow
    with happiness and love.
    And each year you are here starting with #32 will be
    a very good year .
    Sure hope you had a fabulous day. : )

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