Five Things

1. Every year, my husband takes our kids to the Dollar Tree and lets them pick out something to give me for my birthday. Last night at dinner, they were so excited to hand me their gifts. I unwrapped Theo’s first – white candlesticks. That kid. Did he know I was out? I told him that I needed new candlesticks and he looked at me with this huge smile and was so proud of his gift. Oliver’s gift was also of the candle variety – two “tropical breeze” candles that smell like sun tan lotion, in a good way. Those little gifts kinda made my day. I love that Mike does this for me. I love that he asks the boys to pick something out for me. Those little $1 gifts means more than I could really ever say.

2. Mike gave me a box of Lush bath bombs. A friend of mine gave me some bath bombs last year for my birthday and I was sad to use up the last one a few weeks ago. He also remembered that I struck out the last time I was in Lush, looking for the Karma body powder that I’ve used for years and adore, but they apparently don’t make anymore. Do you see where this is going? He paid attention to those experiences and got me a gift that said, “Hey. I see you. I get you.” He has this whooole birthday gift giving thing buttoned up.

3. We went out last night as a family for dinner. We sat on a patio. The boys ran around and scooped up bites of mac-and-cheese as they flew by the table. Beatrice sat in her carrier and gummed a hunk of baguette and was happy as a clam. (Girl after my own heart. Carrrrbs) Midway through our meal, a couple came in and sat down a few tables away. Mike and I were just eating and chatting, enjoying our night. I walked over to pick up Bea at one point, and I herd the husband say, “Oh! There are three of them.” referring to our kids. I don’t think he meant that in a nice way. But it made me smile. Yes. There are three of them. My three babies. My three little gifts. 

4. I heard someone say this week that a kind and encouraging word can change the course of someone’s day. I hope you know that I want this blog to be an encouraging space for you. I hope you read things here that lift you up, that encourage you, that make you laugh, and leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. I think we are all so capable of amazing things. AMAZING. I think that about you. Sometimes we just need a nudge of encouragement or inspiration to walk in that amazingness, though, because life can be so BLAH. What amazing thing do you want to do today? Often, the things we want aren’t flashy in the eyes of the world. They aren’t the things that make it onto our social media pages. But they are the things that make our hearts come alive. Be that person today. Do that thing today. Step outside of what is expected or what is the norm and do that little something that makes your soul soar.

5. I’m writing this as I drink a perfect cup of really dark coffee. The sun is pouring in on a beautiful Friday, September morning. And I’m listening to Otis Reddings “Try A Little Tenderness.” I think I’ll go on the hunt for some mums for my front porch. It’s going to be a good day.

Happy Friday, pumpkins!

2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. I love reading your blog posts. They make me feel so much more positive about life, being a mom, and the hard times we have at being mom’s sometimes. I found your blog at just the right time. I was struggling with feeling lonely and crazy being a stay at home mom and then I read your blog post “hey momma, me too” and it made me laugh exactly when I needed it. So just as you said in #4, your kind and encouraging words, have changed my days. Thank you! 😃😉

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