The Best New Place For Kids In Northeastern Ohio: Jump n Shout

Families in the Northeastern Ohio area are in for a treat. Recently, Neil and Natasha Wood of Wooster, Ohio, opened the doors to their new business – Jump n Shout – a one stop fun and entertainment area for kids of all ages. I got the chance to sit down with the couple recently to hear more about their story and to check out their new facility. I left so excited to come back with my kids and my friend’s kids. This place, is awesome.

Neil and Natasha have two kids of their own – an eight year old son and a four year old daughter. They noticed that it was difficult to find places that both their children enjoyed.

“All of the places we visited cater to children of the same age, which means someone is always missing out,” Neil noted.

The couple also struggled to find fun things to do with the kids in the winter. The couple is originally from South Africa where it is sunny all the time and as a result, most activities are outdoors.

“But then we moved to Ohio for work,” said Natasha, “and we needed to find something to do when the weather turned cold.

We said, ‘let’s do something for our own family. We need something here that is clean, close to home, and comfortable for all kids and their parents.'”

And so, the couple created Jump n Shout, a multi-level entertainment facility for kids of all ages. The first floor is geared towards younger children, so that they can bounce and have fun with kids their own age and size. I was relieved to hear this, as it makes bounce houses so much safer and more fun when you aren’t worried about your older brother steam rolling you in the bounce house. (Not that we would ever have that problem with our own kids. Wink.)

The first floor also has a chalk board wall and bean bag area for kids who want to move at a slower pace, as well as a train table, bouncy animals, and a fun balance building area. All of this is set against the backdrop of walls painted in fun, friendly colors and a mosaic of carpet squares on the floor for a nice soft landing.img_7059img_7057img_7054img_7049img_7050img_7051img_7052

The first level also has a comfortable cafe area for parents to relax in while their kids play. There is wi-fi, coffee, snacks, and easy access to clean bathrooms. img_7061

Upstairs is the big kid area with larger bounce houses, game tables like air hockey and foosball, and a tv set up for gaming. Also located on the second floor is a lovely private room for parties of all kinds. They have several packages available for children’s birthday parties, but this would also  make a great space for mom groups and family get togethers. Imagine scheduling your next family get together in a place where the kids can run free and entertain themselves while the adults relax in the beautifully built barn-style setting and chat. img_7040img_7039img_7048img_7045img_7043img_7042

Jump n Shout is such a fun spot and offers something for kids of all ages. Another great feature, though, is that there are always staff members on site when kids are in the building. Natasha and Neil have been pleased that customers have commented on how interactive the staff are with the children, noting that they get right in on the action and play with the kids. The staff encourages kids to play and have fun while keeping a watchful eye to make sure everyone stays safe. img_7067

On top of all the fun actives Jump n Shout offers, there are a few other perks that make them stand out from other kid’s areas. Parents don’t pay. That’s right, you read that correctly! Parents are only charged for the kids who play. Additionally, once you’ve paid the admittance fee, there are no additional charges for play. No quarter slots on the foosball, no extra charge for moving between the two floors. Plus, you pay once and bounce unlimited for the day! You can stay as long as your little ones can last ;-).

Natasha and Neil still work full time, so for right now, Jump n Shout is open Thursday through Sunday for both walk-ins or for scheduled parties. But, they are willing to work with groups who want to schedule something midweek, too. This would be a fantastic spot for a mothers’ group, youth group, or families looking to get together with some friends to let their kids get some energy out!

This is truly a labor of love for the couple who wanted to create a great space for kids. They were inspired by their own children, but have enjoyed working with the kids and families who walk through their door. Natasha and Neil love getting in the thick of the action, playing with the kids and interacting with families. Their kids love it, too. Their oldest son acts as tour guide when he is there, showing kids around and pointing out his favorite features. This is more than just a business for the Wood family, its a family affair. It’s something they can do together, and they are loving it.img_7064

Come out and support this awesome family and their fun new business. Here in Ohio, the weather is about to turn cold and gray (boo). Jump n Shout will be a great option for kids and families to get out of the house and have some fun even when the weather is less than great! You could literally spend hours here, so don’t be afraid to travel to get here if you are from  out of town. If that is the case, don’t be afraid to message me for more ideas on how to turn your trip into a fun day full of great actives and places to eat ;-).

Jump n Shout is located in Smithville, Ohio, in the same complex as the Barn Restaurant, The Oak Cupboard, and Toyrifix. It will be a great place to visit this October when the Barn opens up their annual fall actives. You could come for a hayride, pick a pumpkin, then head inside to Jump n Shout for some additional family friendly fun!img_7073

Jump n Shout will hosting a Bounce n Treat event on October 30 from 12 pm – 6 pm. Kids who dress up will get in for 1/2 the price! The event will include raffles, prizes, giveaways, treats, games, and of course – bouncing :-). Put this event on your calendar. I’ve got it on mine already, so come out and have fun with us at Jump n Shout! Don’t forget to bring your socks ;-).

For more information, visit Jump n Shout’s website here.

Click here for  directions on how to get to Jump n Shout.





6 thoughts on “The Best New Place For Kids In Northeastern Ohio: Jump n Shout

    1. Reanna, you are right, it would be a bit of a drive…but if you came and were able to stay for more than an hour it would be totally worth it! Especially if you came with friends. There is quite a bit to see right around Jump n Shout, and it’s just a 5-10 minute drive to Wooster, depending where you are going. If you decide to make the trip and need helping planning a few other things to round out your day to make the drive worth it, please, let me know! 🙂

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