Five Thing

1. We’ve had a good week around here, but I’m ready for the weekend. I’m excited to hang out with some wonderful people, spend some quality time with my family, and – most importantly, have my hubby home so I can sleep in. (It’s all about priorities.) What fun things do you have cookin?

2. I plan on making this recipe for Apple Pie Sundaes this weekend. How delicious does that look???

3. So it looks like the fall jean trend is leaning towards a higher waist and straighter leg (think boyfriend jeans). But, if you are like me and still love your skinnies, don’t despair. here are some great suggestions on how to incorporate your skinny jeans into other Fall 2016 styles, like the velvet blazer. 

4. Here is a fun list of the most iconic restaurants in each state. Have you eaten at the one listed for your  home state? I was a little disappointed in Ohio’s listing, The Golden Lamb, in Lebanon, Ohio. We used to live not too far from Lebanon and never felt any great need to visit. It seemed kind of hokey and the food didn’t particularly appeal to us. Ohio has some great food. I think they could have found something a little more appealing. 🙂 What do you think?

5. This week, Oliver and I were sitting out on our front stoop waiting for Theo to get home from school. I asked Oliver what his favorite color was.

Oliver: “Ummm. My favorite color is….puppy dogs!”

So that was adorable. 🙂

Happy Friday, dumplings!



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