See It, Speak It

I’ve had something on my heart for about a week now that I thought I’d share with you today.

It’s nothing big. Nothing major. Just a thought that I can’t shake.

It’s a small idea that I know can have big consequences…in the best way possible.

I heard someone speak on encouragement last week. About how we should comment on the positive things we see in our loved ones.

If we see it, we should speak it.

To them. To others. 

People don’t need to perfect their human-ness before we pat them on the back. Why do we tend to highlight the bad and forget the good? Recently, I heard someone asked a father of two grown children what he wished he would have done differently when his kids were younger. He said he wished he would have stopped trying to perfect his kids and instead focus more on their strengths. I loved that. Why don’t we give other people the grace that we are so desperate to experience in our own life?

I’m so weary of our tendency to only point out the flaws. We comment on the lackluster service in a restaurant we normally love (but never compliment). We gripe to our spouse about all that they aren’t doing right, but fail to mention the million and one things we appreciate. We focus on how our friend is always late but forget that she is the first one to offer her help when you are in need. We point out the spinach stuck in someone’s tooth but fail to notice that the only reason why we see the spinach is because of their radiant smile. (A weird analogy, I know, but just go with it…)

I don’t want to be the wife who picks apart my husband for all his short comings and fails to build him up by pointing out his strengths. I don’t want to be the mom who is so hell-bent on perfecting my little humans that I fail to notice the many ways in which they excel. I don’t want to be the friend who is so focused on the obscure way that they didn’t meet an unspoken need of mine that I can’t even appreciate her for the many times she encourages me in ways I’ve never even thought to ask.

When I see good things in my people, I want to speak it out over them. I want to verbally shower them in the ways they are absolutely rocking it. I want them to know that I see their love, their effort, and their strengths, and that I appreciate it all…big or small, it matters.

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