Five Things

1. Ok, so am I the last person to hear about Magic Cake? No, it’s not a drug, for those of you as late to the Magic Cake game as I am, it’s a real cake…just…magic? Since it’s fall and the time to eat all things pumpkin, here is a recipe for Pumpkin Magic Cake that looks pretty awesome. Who has tried one of these? I guess it’s a basic cake recipe that turns into a fancy three-layered cake while baking. Magic!

2. I need a new fall coat because the one I’ve worn and loved for the past two years looks, well, worn and loved. I really digging the bomber jacket trend, like this one.

3. I really loved these rules for How To Host A Crappy Dinner Party. You read that right. How to. It reminded me of everything I read in my last book – Bread and Wine. It’s not about a perfect home or perfect meal, it’s just about inviting people you love into your home for something real and meaningful. I love that.

4. One thing I’ve been noticing lately is how we all seem to need to laugh more than we actually do. I’m talking a good old fashioned belly laugh. The kind that takes your breath away and brings tears to your eyes and puts conversation on hold because you are laughing so hard. Why are we always so serious? Why does everything have to be so intense all the time. Yesterday, Oliver and I laughed on several occasions about really silly stuff. We laughed at our dancing. I laughed at his expressions. We laughed when he turned to wave goodbye to me and walked into a wall and fell down. (He was fine. He immediately cracked up.) He is so good for my soul. Find someone and laugh with them today. It’s such a release.

5. One of my friends turned me on to making and drinking chai at home, and it’s sort of rocking my world. Life changing, my friends. Life changing. It’s just so perfect this time of year. I don’t do pumpkin spice lattes because, ug, I can’t drink my pumpkin. But a homemade chai with almond milk? Perfection.

Happy Friday, honey-buns!


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