Thursday Things I Love: Letters, Adopted Chickens, and Little Boy Bonds

My friend sent me one of her beautiful, handmade book marks the other day with the word “speak” on it. She also included this quote:

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. ~Antoine de Saint Exupery

The quote, the inspiration to “speak,” and just the loveliness of getting snail mail really touched me. There is something so special about someone taking the time to put pen to paper, just for you!

This week I also received something in the mail that I will always cherish: a few of my grandfather’s best recipes. My grandpa passed away several years ago, and his sister who lives in the area recently told me that she loved making some of his recipes, and offered to send me a few. It was a special moment to open up her letter, read her words about my grandpa, her brother, and see “Bob’s V-8 Juice,” and “Bob’s Stuffed Peppers” written on top of the recipe cards.

I wish I could have known my grandpa a little better. I wish we could have spent some time together in the kitchen. But now, even though he is gone, I feel like I’m getting a chance to be in the kitchen together in some small way. I’ll think of him every time I make these recipes, and cherish them always.

this chicken

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meet Glenda Lou!

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to our house, of course! We recently had a stray chicken adopt us…or I should say, adopt MIKE. That chicken LOVED Mike! So here is the story. One day, chicken shows up in our yard. We all love chicken. We feed chicken, talk to chicken. We (I) name chicken Glenda Lou. Chicken takes to following Mike around like a puppy and won’t leave his side. Chicken sleeps in garage while Mike is out there working in his wood shop, running saws, hammering nails, etc. We all love chicken. But after asking around, we find chicken’s owner, and have to give chicken back. Sad. Now we want a new chicken.

yes, that is Glenda Lou, sleeping on the top shelf!

this big boy


Theo had his first big boy birthday party with friends from school! He decorated the gift bag himself, and was one happy little boy to have such a grown up thing to do all by himself!

this fun evening

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We entertained one night last week, and enjoyed a great time at our dinner table with wonderful friends, good food, and great conversation. Oh, and PIE!

this kindness


Theo and I went to buy doughnuts to celebrate Mike’s birthday, and the gentleman running the doughnut trailer gave Theo a free doughnut. People can be so kind, and it means the world to me when they are kind to my kids.

these special moments


Watching my kids celebrate their dad for his birthday will always stand out as a highlight of my life.

this growing bond


The other day, Oliver walked out to the end of our driveway with Theo to wait for the bus. As the bus arrived, Theo bent over and gave Oliver a kiss on the cheek, and though I wasn’t close enough to hear, I’m sure they exchanged “I love yous.” I could barely handle it, seeing the two of them standing side by side – one looking so small and the other looking so grown up and yet so little all at the same time. I know they fight and bicker and beat each other up now, but I know they will be thick as thieves for the rest of their life. I know it because I pray for it. I speak it. And I already see it.

this simple pleasure


I harvested some of my lavender to top homemade lavender cupcakes. It’s loveliness makes me happy.

this simple treat


I’ve been making homemade chai for my mid afternoon pick me up. I buy a chai concentrate, mix it in equal parts with almond milk, heat it up on the stove (we don’t own a microwave) and presto! The perfect fall drink.

this boundless blessing

img_7434 Those legs! That sweatshirt! Her kitty-cat hat! And THOSE CRACKERS! Oh glory be. This is the blessing of motherhood: to look at your kids and – despite the hardships – know that there is goodness and grace and beauty in them. The struggles we face with our children refine us, but the joys we experience refresh us, and bring us closer to understanding what all this is really about.


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