Five Things

1. I made snickerdoodle cupcakes last night. SNICKERDOODLE CUPCAKES. Here’s the recipe, you know what to do with it!

2. So here’s the thing. I kind of love tv. Love it. Loooove. It. I could binge watch for hours. I know there are some of you out there who are all like “I could just never waste my time that way.” To you I say, how nice to be so productive! I on the other hand can burn through the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls in a weekend. Honestly, sometimes I just need a bit of time in front of a show I know I love to simply be. Not be needed. Not be productive. Just. Be. But…I also feel my brain crying out for sustenance, so I think I’m going on a tv fast starting now and lasting for at least a week. I just ordered a few new books and I have a pile half-started and I’m ready to veg out on the written word.

3. We watched the movie “Up” with the kids the other night. I looked over at the boys during the scene when the balloons start to lift the house off the ground and couldn’t help but smile at their wide eyes. I leaned over to Theo. “Do you believe that could really happen?” “Yes,” he whispered, with so much conviction that it made me want to bottle up that moment forever. Oh to be little and believe in the unbelievable. 

4. I’m still on the hunt for a great pair of jeans. This week, I made the bold (stupid) decision to eat way too much Mexican food for dinner then go try on jeans at our local TJ Maxx. Wow. Was that great for my self esteem. But I digress. I think I want boyfriend jeans. Who has a favorite pair of boyfriend/girlfriend jeans that they love?

5. We are attending a fun, local fall event this weekend. I’m dressing Beatrice up in a flower costume. A FLOWER costume, people. For goodness sake. Does it get any cuter?

Happy Friday, snickerdoodles!


4 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. I also love t.v. but don’t have much time for it right now! :(. I have written the release of the new Gilmore girls episode release on my calendar, however and I can’t wait to dive in! Loved your IG pics of your kids all dressed up! Too cute!

  2. New York and Company boyfriend jeans with side zipper detail. The best. So comfy. So good for my post-three-kid body. Go a size smaller than your usual size. They’re on sale still today. I’m about to order another pair.

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