Thursday Things I Love: Late Night Apple Crisp, Perfect Fall Days, And Babies In The Sink

Listen gang. There is  a lot of nonsense going on in the world today. I can’t guarantee anything. I can’t fix anything. I don’t even know what the heck I’m doing most days. I’m in a funk right now where I feel simultaneously grateful – oh so grateful – for the life I’m living, but also doubting everything about it. Why am I doing what I’m doing? Why do I believe the things I believe? Am I doing enough?

I have this friend who is really just my sister. I don’t mean “just” in the lesser sense. I mean it in the, “let’s just call it for what it is” sense. We sisters. She my people.

I was talking to her about life and wishing we could just sit on one of our couches and talk all night long about the things that are weighing on our hearts, but to do so I would have to drive to North Carolina or she would have to drive to Ohio. Life can be disappointing like that. Sometimes you just need to sit on the couch with your sister and hold hands and cry and let the words just spill out.

I told her that, right now, my heart is just heavy from all the stuff in the world.

She, in all her infinite wisdom, asked me to think of one thing I’m doing right as a mom, and one thing I need to let go of as a mom.

Ah. That was it. I don’t need to fix it all.

What is one thing you are doing right? What is one thing you need to say to yourself, “Self! This is not yours to carry!”

And then, look at these adorable pictures. They are sure to perk you right up. 

this morning scene


Every morning, I get up and get Theo, Oliver, and myself breakfast before Theo has to get on the bus for school. And evvvvery morning, after Theo gets on the bus, Oliver asks for breakfast. Again. One morning he enjoyed breakfast-round-two with his sunglasses on and I can’t look at this photo without cracking up. It’s just…so….Oliver.

this lovely new yet timeless practice

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Guys, I have a pen pal! Her name is Corina and she lives in Germany and I’m so excited to get to participate in this tradition that allows perfect strangers to connect in a real and wonderful way.

this little fashionista


I had so much fun working with my friend Angie to bring you yesterday’s post on fall fashion trends. And I had SO much fun watching Beatrice, watch us. She watched us with great interest as we dressed the mannequin in fun outfits and she played with high heels for hours. That’s my girl!

this cheesy goodness


We weren’t able to find a sitter for Beatrice for our date last Friday, so we ended up staying local. We may not have been able to go on our great search for “the best” pizza, but we did end up going to a place that I’ve always loved but haven’t been to in quite some time. The pizza was so cheesy and delicious, and Beatrice was lovely company. All in all, it was still a great date.

this photo

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I die. This one is a keeper for sure.

this late night snack

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Coffee and apple crisp is amazing. Coffee and apple crisp made by a friend that you get to enjoy in her company is even better. This unexpected late night treat really made my day (night?).

this little buddy

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What can I say? He is adorable, sassy, and so much fun.

this perfect fall day


I had coffee, they had crackers. We walked and enjoyed what was possibly the most perfect fall day of all the fall days, ever.

this bathing beauty

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There is nothing I love more than a baby in the sink. Good golly I’m grateful to be back at this stage for one more go-around. She may not sleep much, and she might have a shriek that gives me a migraine, but this baby girl is joy – pure joy.

this tip

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So my favorite fall tip is to bake your own pumpkin instead of buying it canned. (350° for about an hour.) What I DIDN’T know until just today, though, was that you don’t need to scoop out the insides before baking! That’s right, apparently you can just slice and bake AND THEN SCOOP OUT THE GOO once everything is all soft and easy to work with. Mind is officially blown.

these siblings 

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This is our future, America, and it looks bright: kind, compassionate, fun loving, and tender at the core.

One thought on “Thursday Things I Love: Late Night Apple Crisp, Perfect Fall Days, And Babies In The Sink

  1. The picture in the leave’s is what it’s all about.What a beautiful life.And for your future it is going to be wonderful and so much fun.And when they are gone and making there way in the world you will still have that hunk of a man at your side keeping you cozy in the chill of the fall rain.

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