Things That Are Lovely And True

The two things I’m most grateful from October are:

1.) My sweet Oliver turned three.

2.) The weather, bless it, stayed warm and wonderful and it just felt like the best gift ever.

The two things I’m most grateful for from October are:

1.) I was reminded that I love being a mom. I love what I do and I do what I love. I love that I have the freedom to fill my day with good things. Really good things. That is enough. I am enough.

2.) I spent some time with several different people this month that encouraged me big time. 

Anything to release or let go of from October, speak now: 

I do not love fall, because fall is the precursor to winter, and everything dies in the winter. But recently, I’ve been thinking how fall is also a gentle reminder of the natural timing of life. There will always be newness, but first, old things must come to an end. As fall fades and turns to winter, I will remind myself that newness always takes the place of something that was. Relationships, seasons, and stages of life might pass, but new ones will always take their place. I will remind myself that just because there are seasons where, on the surface, it seems like there is not growth – that it is the deep, unseen roots that continue to grow and thrive and become. I will not be anxious or afraid for what appears to be over, because I know that one day, the life contained in well tended roots will spring up, and once again face the sun.

The lesson I learned and am carrying forward with me from October is: 

This month, I learned – relearned – that comparison only leads to frustration and discontentment. I learned – relearned – that I don’t need to worry about what everyone else is doing, I simply need to be faithful with what is right in front of me. I need to stay in my own story.

My intention word(s) for November is/are: slow and small

I learned this week that long ago, when temples of worship were constructed, the front steps were built uneven on purpose. Steps would be sporadically short, then long, then short again. This unevenness caused temple visitors to slow their steps – to become more focused, more intentional. I posted the other day about the smallness of my actions. How, I might long for big and grand ways to do life, but the reality is much slower, much smaller, much messier. But when I heard this fact about ancient temple steps, I once again was reminded that the smallness of my days is very much a blessing. With each pause, each interruption, each moment of solitude, I get the opportunity to live with great intention. In November, especially keeping in mind the upcoming holidays, I will be grateful for slow and small living. I will be grateful for slow moments of reflections and intention. I will be grateful for small ways of living and loving. I will be grateful for small children, small pleasures, and small ways to reach out. Slow, and small.

One thing I aim to do every day in November is: 

My goal for November is to single task. I find a lot of value in my to-do list. I’m goal oriented and when I accomplish something I feel accomplished. As I work to regain what it means to find my value in intrinsic, not external, things, I will begin by attempting to focus on one task at a time during my day. My day is certainly not all about my kids, but when I give them my attention, I don’t want to be multitasking them with several other projects. When my husband and I sit down to have coffee together, I don’t want to also be responding to an email or working on a grocery list. Single tasking will just be another way to be here, be present, and be intentional. It will also slow me down, which of course, goes along with my theme for the month.

Because I am brave, here are two new/scary things I will do in November:


hmmm. I need to give this a little more thought!

The one book I definitely want to read in November is: hmmm, still thinking about that one too!

Just for fun, I will… host another clothing exchange, because it’s always a good idea to get women together to talk, laugh, and try on clothes. Locals – let me know if you want in!

As an act of intentional kindness, I will… Once a week, deliver a baked treat to one person not in my normal circle.

What about you? What was lovely and true from your month? I’d love to hear a few of your responses.


I did not come up with this form. You can find it, here. All responses are my own, however :-).


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