Five Things

1. My neighbor, a 16 year old boy my boys consider a big brother, introduced me to the “white girl starter pack.” He ran a few errands with me the other day and I said I wanted to stop and get coffee, Starbucks of course, to which he responded “You gotta get your white girl starter pack!” in that voice that 16 year olds use that make you uncertain whether they are laughing with you or at you. I had no idea what he was talking about but when he explained I couldn’t stop laughing. For the record, the only thing I rock from the “pack” below is the iphone and the Starbucks. But the concept is funny because it’s so true.


2. Every morning, Theo packs up his two favorite “buddies” in his book bag, George and Puppy Shipper. It’s now part of our morning routine. I’ve assumed that he keeps them in his bag all day. I recently learned, though, that he sits George and Puppy Shipper on his desk every day and together, they get through the day. I find this so incredibly sweet and heart melting. I can just see the three of them now…

3. The kids and I went for a walk the other day. I pushed Beatrice in the stroller while Theo rode his bike and Oliver walked next to me, holding my hand. Every now and then I would let his hand drop because holding a toddler’s hand is sweet but also kind of a lot of work. He would immediately shoot his arm straight up and in the sweetest, most demanding voice say “Hold my hand!” And so I would.

4. I saw this and it made me laugh so hard. Like…I’m still laughing over it. skills

nailed it

5. Stop everything. The sneak peak of the upcoming Gilmore Girl’s revival was just released. THE EXCITEMENT! THE EXCITEMENT! I always get nostalgic for GG in the fall. Which is probably why I’m going to go watch an episode as soon as I’m done typing this.

Happy Friday, friends. Oy with the poodles already! (wink)

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