Five Things

1. Do you ever do a digital detox? You know, set aside a specific period of time where you turn off all your devices? I don’t do this very often, but I’ve been thinking about this concept lately and wondering if it’s time to make this part of my weekly/monthly routine. I heard about this new app called forest (stay with me here) that keeps track of how long it’s been since you’ve checked your phone. You get rewarded with (virtual) seeds that turn into trees. The more time away from your phone, the more trees in your forrest. Maybe its not for everyone, but I thought it was a cute idea and got me thinking about how I can incorporate some tech-free time into my life.

2. One of my cousins is getting married this weekend and the reception is adults only. Sorry kids! I guess we will have to leave you at home. (Not actually sorry.) A classic black dress was on my capsule wardrobe shopping list and I found one a couple of weeks ago and I’m excited to give it a spin this weekend. Mike and I enjoy going to weddings together. We love getting dressed up, seeing people we love be in love, and spend a day celebrating life at its finest.

3. And speaking of clothes…do you have a style inspiration? I read this post about one woman’s week worth of clothing, and she said her style icon is 1970s Angelica Huston (solid choice). I’m not sure who I would pick. Maybe a cross between 1970s Faye Dunaway, 1990s Keri Russell (Felicity), Gilmore Girl era Lorelai and Rory, oh, and I probably have to credit my love affair with the slip dress and basic tee to Kate Moss. Girl knows how to work a basic white tee. Currently, I’m really digging this year’s trend of layering button downs underneath summer dresses. Something about the frumpy, cozy layers speaks to the inner granny in me. I might have to give this look a try!

4. I made these breakfast cookies yesterday and they were delicious. It was a rainy morning so Oliver and I whipped these up and then enjoyed them on the sofa together with a cup of coffee for me and a viewing of Winnie the Pooh for him. It was a perfect way to spend a rainy morning in November. (I subbed coconut oil for the applesauce and dried berries for the raisins.)

5. I read this quote today:

That’s the thing about kindness; it requires deep vulnerability. It is a gift of connection, a generous offering of ourselves. It cannot be done sensibly, strategically. It cannot be rationed.

There is no such thing as a random act of kindness. (source)

Love this.

My boys say hello to everyone that walks by our house. They say hello to people that say hi back. They say hello to people who keep walking and pretend that they don’t hear the sweet little voices, shouting their greetings and waving their arms in excitement.

I want to be like Theo and Oliver. I want to offer myself up in small, kind ways, regardless of how I’m received. I want to do it not because it’s planned or for a purpose, but simply because I am me, and you are you, and we are all made for connection.

Happy Friday, sweet things!

2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. I do one on days when I have a lot of homework to complete and I can’t have any distractions. I love them. By the end of the day you just feel so renewed. However, my family gets extremely mad at me since they have no way of getting hold of me. Some people just don’t get them.

  2. First I want to say I hope you have a great time at the son to be not Miss Diehl’s wedding and second if there is such a thing as comeing back to a second life I want to come back a Miss Bea because I know she is going to have a fabulous life.
    Have a great weekend.

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