Thursday Things I Love: Simple Pleasures

I love returning home after a hard yoga practice, feeling rinsed out, happy, and strong.

I love sitting down on the sofa with my boys and an armful of books, enjoying their enjoyment.

I love the way a cold, evening, November rain makes everything feel a little bit warmer and cozier on the inside.

I love the comforting sound of laundry in the dryer.

I love the way applying mascara instantly makes me feel ready for the day.

I love reading a book and feeling that sense of connection, that sense of, “Yes! Me too!”.

I love stealing a smooch from my husband while the kids are in another room.

I love being surprised by our kids’ never ending new knowledge.

I love a good pair of slippers.

I love the way a good cup of coffee instantly feels familiar and known.

I love reading through cookbooks, just because.

I love the anticipation of opening a card or letter from a friend.

I love walking into a room, carrying a baby on my hip.

I love the way my kids insist on receiving a hug and kiss before I leave the house.

I love the way my husband lights up when he sees our daughter.

I love the way my daughter lights up when she sees her daddy.

I love the way a single encouraging word can change someone’s day.

I love the way an episode of Gilmore Girls signals both then and now.

I love the way music instantly lightens the air and lifts the spirit.

I love the way that clean counter tops feels a little bit like a clear head.

I love the way quiet evenings remind me that it’s ok to be alone, to be still.

I love preparing meals and treats for the people I love.

I love having a baby on the floor beside me as I cook dinner.

This, this is what’s true. This is what’s lovely.


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