Five Things

1. PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. Netflix now has a “skip ahead” option so while you are binge watching responsibly enjoying a healthy, non-judgemental worthy dose of your favorite show, you can bypass the intro credits and get riiiight to the good stuff. Well played, Netflix, well played. You know I’m still watching, I just chose the “skip ahead option” so stop asking!

2. I’ve been craving sushi this week. Someone really needs to come up with a sushi drive-through option. I’ll be there daily.

3. I took a bath tonight to top off the awesomeness of this week. I used the Twilight bath bomb from Lush that Mike got me for my birthday. A-mazing. It was pink but as it did its bath bombing it spiraled around with flecks of blue and meanwhile turned the bathwater pink. Life is grand.

4. So a common story line from things I heard this week dealt with getting married young. I just want to say – I was married at the age of 20. I chose a husband before I knew what kind of house I wanted. Before I knew what kind of wine I really liked. Before I decided on what kind of life I wanted. But you know what? All that other stuff, you can figure out any time. I chose him. I chose him first. The rest we figured out together. 

5. The other common thread of this week – this idea of how we evolve as individuals. I read this idea that often times, we abandon our former selves – our truer selves – as life continues and catches up with us and sometimes, overwhelms us with its expectations and demands. This idea both intrigued and resonated with me. It made me think – what parts of myself have I left behind that maybe, just maybe, I should revisit? Admit it. You are intrigued.


Happy friday, all you interesting people, you.


7 thoughts on “Five Things

    1. My go-to shows are: New Girl, Gilmore Girls, Felicity (not on Netflix, though), Gossip Girl, and Parks and Rec. I don’t really get into the cop shows or sci-fi stuff. My husband and I watch The Office together, but in the past, we also LOVED Chuck. Oh. And Alias! Another oldie but a goodie ;-).

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