Signing Off

Hey gang, it’s Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and I have a house full of guests arriving this evening and I AM SO EXCITED I CAN’T STAND IT. This is what I live for. My home won’t be perfectly clean or polished, but beds will be freshly made, a kick-butt menu all planned out, and our hearts and arms are wide open. That’s what it’s all about – lovin your people hard, and inviting them into your life for some connection, some support, and of course – lots and lots of food.

I’m going to be signing off for the rest of the week. The people who need my attention the most will be on the other side of this screen, and I’m happy to put my lap top aside and focus on the people who are actually sitting in my living room. I’ll be back on Monday, though, so stay tuned!

This has been such a big week, as we celebrated Bea’s first birthday. I love that we get to top it all off by inviting loved ones into our home and sharing in a holiday that is all about acknowledgement, gratitude, and sharing. If you think about it, Thanksgiving is also about new beginnings.

I definitely have that sense of starting fresh and beginning something new. It’s an exciting feeling and I look forward to where it will lead us.

One this is for sure; as we gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving and share our table and our home, it will be a wonderful time of putting our phones on silent and ignoring the clock. It will be a time to stay in the moment, to be fully present, to rest.

It is also a time for pie. Never forget the pie.

Take care, my friends. Until next time!



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