Thursday Things I Love: Deep Thoughts, Close Friends, and New Traditions

this deep thought

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New quote on the message board and it makes me laugh every.single.time.

this night


I love this photo of my friends, talking and making us coffee. On the other side of this photo are two of my other friends, and at this moment, I was just standing back taking it all in. The sight of loved ones. The sounds of their laughter and conversation. The smell of coffee. It was a favorite moment, if ever there was such a thing.

this little lady

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This also makes me laugh every time I see it. I mean, she is picking her nose for goodness sake, but she is so serious! So calm! So casual! I die.

this little lady, part two

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I just love her to pieces.

this newish routine


I’m back to teaching yoga one evening a week and it feels so, so good. My body is still slow to regain strength and flexibility, but I’m learning to give myself grace and just enjoy things as they are.

this little church buddy


Theo enjoys sitting in church with us and we love having him. He loves the worship times, and excitedly points out everyone he knows on stage. There’s Timmy! There’s Clint! That’s Micah’s daddy! Last week, as we were getting ready to go, he told me that he wanted to sit with Miss Alison, one of our friends. Sure enough, when we arrived, he spotted her sitting in front of us and asked if he could sit next to her. I love our church and the wonderful friends we have who take such good care of my kids!

this daddy


I mean, what do you say about a man who willingly puts up a Christmas tree with his five year old, three year old, and one year old? He is both a unicorn and a saint. I simultaneously wanted to kiss his sweet face but also didn’t want to interrupt his work because I certainly didn’t want to do it. He is the perfect man.

this new tradition


This year, in addition to observing Advent, I’ve also wrapped up 24 Christmas books so the kids can unwrap one a day for us to read. They are library books, so I’ll just return them as we go. The books have been under the tree for a few days now, so you can be sure the kids are already amped up and looking forward to unwrapping the first book on December first!

this Advent calendar

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Today is December 1, and the beginning of Advent! I posted yesterday about our new, DIY Advent calendar and the boys and I are so excited to begin this 24 day journey together. It will be a fun and special time, and I’m looking forward to the memories that we will make during this Christmas season!

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