When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Thinking

“Do you trust this device?”

I tap the “trust” button with one finger. Over and over, I tap the button. Do you trust? yes Do you trust? yes Do you trust? yes

So on and so forth for over a half hour, trouble shooting and trying everything I can think of and still, “Do you trust this device?”.

I spend an hour on the phone with someone from Apple who was so actively UNhelpful that I seriously wondered if she was messing with me. I hung up, tried again.

“I updated my phone,” I say to the man on the other end. “Now when I connect my phone to my computer I receive a message from my Mac that my iphone is locked. My iphone asks me if I trust the device. I click the trust button. Nothing happens.”

“The problem isn’t with your phone,” he tells me. “Since upgrading your iphone, you’ve now surpassed your Mac’s technological ability to ‘talk’ to your phone.” He goes on to tell me that the two devices are incompatible simply because my Mac is old (five years) and there is nothing I can do other than purchase a new computer.

“But my computer works fine,” I tell him. “I didn’t drop it on the sidewalk. I didn’t pour coffee on the key board. It works.”

“I know,” he says, “but it won’t work with the phone you have, unfortunately.”

“And there’s nothing I can do?” I ask (plead). “I’m a blogger. All my photos are taken from my iphone and transferred onto this computer for my posts.”

“There’s nothing you can do,” he repeats.


Lately, it seems that I face more situations without a resolution. More situations that require the intervention/support/cooperation of a third party in order to move forward.

Facing tough situations is never easy. Facing ones that appear helpless or hopeless, though, is the definition of “difficult”: hard to understand or solve.

As we face people and experiences and glitchy devices that we lean on and try to work with, we inevitably face difficulties. People flake. Experiences fail. Devices fry.We feel defeated. We feel like there is no resolution. We feel like we are messing it all up. We feel like everything is falling apart. We feel helpless and stupid and frustrated and tired.

Do you trust this device?

Do you trust your messed up experiences to tell you who you are? Do you trust flawed people to give you your message? Do you trust your darkest days to stand as representative of your life?

Do you trust this device?

We keep hitting the figurative trust button of our lives over and over, accepting the messages that other people and frustrating experiences want to give to us. We trust people who are caught up in their own insecurities and heap their own self-destructive thoughts on our shoulders. We trust messy experiences and allow them to tell us that we aren’t good enough or doing enough because in some ways, it’s easier to wallow in self indulged pity rather than get out the broom and mop and clean up the mess and be done with it forever. We trust everyone and everything to tell us things about ourselves and we give them a voice and control in a life that isn’t their own.

Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

It’s time to to upgrade our thinking to a point where our sense of self can no longer communicate with the lies that certain people and experiences are trying to give us.

It’s not about shutting down the people and the experiences. That is not our job and it’s a goal that will only suck us deeper in the mire. Our job is simply to upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade.

Do you trust this device?

(clicks ‘no’)



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