Five Things

1. It’s 10 PM right now. I just finished cleaning up the kitchen and then enjoyed an evening yoga routine. I made myself a cup of coffee, sat down with my computer to blog, and turned on Notting Hill. I haven’t seen this movie in years! I actually really dislike Huge Grant as an actor, but how great is Julia Roberts? So many classics. Any other JR fans out there? What films of hers are your favorites?

2. I saw this list of Healthy Cold-Weather Dinner Recipes and can honestly say I would eat every single one. Especially that Hearty Stuffed Butternut Squash. Come to momma.

3. The kids and I are really enjoying our Advent calendar. One of my favorite nights so far was last night, where we learned that God is light. We read our Advent card by candlelight, because it’s hard to truly comprehend light without also experiencing darkness. We talked about what it means for us to be light. Theo chose a book to unwrap and read. The book, The Christmas Eve Tree, by Delia Huddy, was so incredibly lovely and touching that I plan on purchasing it to own for ever and ever (the books I wrapped are from the library). It’s a story that, fitting for our Advent reading, is about light and belonging. It made me cry. It touched my heart.

4. So this year, we chose to not put Christmas ornaments on the tree. We meant to, but we only managed to get the tree up and the lights on in one day, and when we got back around to it, we realized that hanging sparkly, shiny, toy-like things all over the tree was sort of a non-starter. The kids can barely keep their hands off the tree/bodies out of the tree as it is. Funny enough, I’m really starting to dig our simple, minimalistic tree. The theme of life lately is small and slow. Small details. Slow living. Last night, we learned that Jesus is our shepherd and then I read them the history of the candy cane. I gave them each one to munch on while we read and then the boys hung the rest on the tree. Of course, all the candy canes are on two branches ;-). I love it, though. The sweetness of it all. The simplicity.

5. I shared this photo on Insta last night. My family and I have some changes coming in the near future. I’m looking forward to continue sharing my journey with you here on this little corner of the world wide web. If you read yesterday’s post, then you caught a glimpse of our heartbeat behind it all. Of our desire to step out in faith, to constantly move onward, and to pursue the passions and dreams we have for ourselves and for our family. Thank you for being a long for the ride.

As Betty said in All About Eve (fantastic film, btw): “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”


Happy Friday, all you fellow sojourners!


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