Thursday Things I Love: The Sweetest Things

Hey friends. Happy Thursday to you!

Guys. It’s been so snowy and cold here. I just want to curl under a bunch of quilts with a heating pad and a face mask and hibernate. I went to bed at 9:30 PM the other night. This, is incredibly unusual for me. I’m a nocturnal animal, who tends to be at her peak between the hours of 9-12. I don’t know what came over me. I haven’t been this tired since I had mono in college. I literally just googled “can you get mono more than once?” Anyways… Have you guys seen this video where the kids tell the Christmas Story in their own words? It makes me simultaneously laugh and cry with love for these sweet kiddos. Watch it HERE and be forever changed.

I’m not the biggest fan of hot chocolate, but my boys request it daily now that there is snow on the ground. My friend recently posted a photo on IG of her favorite cocoa recipe and it’s so full of good ingredients (it uses real cocoa powder instead of a packet) that I plan on giving it a try. I’m especially interested to see how the coconut oil makes it taste. She suggested that adults do half milk, half coffee. I found a similar recipe, HERE

A few more things I’m loving right now…

this little boy

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Theo and I went to a gingerbread making event at our local library. He did an amazing job, “building” his house and being creative with the candy design. He left the event completely covered in frosting, full of candy, and so stinkin proud of himself.

this little Christmas angle

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these evenings

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For the evening pictured here, we settled in to do our Advent reading in my favorite cozy spot in the house. Oliver was sick, which was a bummer, so we all got into our PJ’s early and spent the remainder of the evening watching Elf.

Sometimes people ask me “what we’ve been up to lately” and I have a hard time coming up with a response. We don’t always have these specific “things” we are doing. Much of our life feels slow, small. I’m starting to really embrace the slow and small, though. Sure, it’s easy to long for the shiny, exciting, and larger-than-life kind of living, but I’ve found that to be not all that sustainable or life giving. Being here, with these small people, living intentionally in small ways, taking our time to get from point A to point B, that is my happy place.

this scene

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The other night, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all my *ahem* kitchen “help.” They were noisy and begging for snacks and drinks and everywhere I turned there was a little person. Then, as I stepped away for a moment to grab a cookbook, I stopped. I saw my small kitchen filled with small people who wanted to be near me. I saw the importance of what I was doing – mothering, cooking, loving, being. I recognized the fleetingness of the moment. How often do we recognize that the moment we are in is so incredibly temporary? Often, we don’t notice it until it’s gone.

I took a photo, both with my camera and with my mind. I smiled. I went back to cooking. I was grateful.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Things I Love: The Sweetest Things

  1. I love your thoughts about a slow, small life. Sometimes it feels lackluster compared to some, but why bother with the comparison? Our own slow and small fills my soul with life and joy! There is peace in simplicity.

    1. Oh Jen, yes! I couldn’t agree with you more. There IS peace in simplicity. I find that the only time I let my peace go is when I allow myself to compare my life to someone else’s. For me, I want to daily choose less comparison, more contentment with the slow and small. Thanks for reading and for your sweet comment!

  2. I love Theo’s ginger bread house I thought he did a great job. And for you I am so glad you were able to step away from what you felt was a to busy space and take time to re~focus and then re~think your situation and let it soak in to your brain they just wanted to be where MOM was.And the good thing about that is you did it with out screaming or acting out but just being the MOM they LOVE.

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