How We Spent Our Christmas Holiday

Today I got the best Christmas gift a girl could ask for – I woke up a full three hours later than usual. (I am the champ at sleeping.) My husband is home for Christmas break which means he does the right thing and lets momma sleep in. 😉

We had a really nice Christmas together. It was low key but full of fun and tender moments. Take a look at how we spent our Christmas holiday!


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We took the kids swimming on Christmas Eve’s, eve. We had the place to ourselves and had a great time splashing, swimming, and sitting in the hot tub. The boys jumped in the deep end with their mommy and Bea kicked and shimmied in her daddy’s arms like the little fishy that she is. It was the perfect blend of fun and relaxation that we needed to kick off our holiday.


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This year I divided and conquered the cut out cookie making process. Oliver helped me make the dough….

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…and Theo helped me frost and sprinkle the finished product. Although, he was later fired from this duty because he couldn’t keep his fingers/frosting knife out of his mouth. Ew. (If you come over to our home this winter and I offer you cookies, I’ll try to make sure they are the non-Theo-fingers-in-his-mouth-as-he-frosted cookies.)

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We enjoyed brunch at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve morning.

Our little Christmas angel, on Christmas Eve.

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We always order take-out on Christmas Eve, and this year we chose to get Chinese. It’s a fun tradition that we all look forward to every year.

That evening, we did our final Advent activity. All of the days leading up to Christmas Eve taught the boys a truth about Christmas, Jesus, and why the Christmas Story matters to them personally. For the final activity, the boys put up their nativity set as I read a poem version of the nativity story.They had six boxes to open, one with each character for the manger scene. They took turns opening up the boxes and placing the characters around the manger. The final box was empty except for a mirror, symbolizing that the best gift they can give God and each other, is themselves!

They drank their hot chocolate and we ate sugar cookies as we started to wind down the evening, talking about the fun day we had and wondering what gifts we would open the next.

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That night, after the kids were in bed, Mike and I opened up one of Theo’s presents from his aunt and uncle, Suspend, and we played a few rounds. What a fun gift!

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Christmas morning was even more fun than I imagined. The boys’ excitement rubbed off on everyone and Beatrice just laughed and rolled around in the tissue paper and had the time of her life. Mike and I exchanged gifts while the boys played with their new toys, and there were more than a few times where I felt the fullness of the moment. The kids just made everything so fun and special. And after several years of not being able to exchange presents, I felt so grateful for how hard my husband had worked this past year to provide for our family. God has taken such good care of us, through the good times and the bad, and there was much to be thankful for.


That afternoon, we all got out of the house for a walk and around the block and a hike through the woods. It felt wonderful to get outside and enjoy the cool, crisp air. Also, how adorable do the boys look in those beanies? Love.

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Every year, I make a big fancy dinner for Christmas. This year was no exception. Cooking is my love language. This is how I lavish all my love and tenderness on those who matter most to me in this world. I put out appetizers for everyone to munch on while I cooked, and then we all sat down together to enjoy our Christmas meal. The house was a mess. The table was piled with food. The kids were rowdy from too much sugar and excitement. We stuffed ourselves silly with shrimp and fresh baked bread and salad and of course, more cookies.

It was perfect.

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