Five Things

1. We live in a rural area of Ohio. Our nearest Target is over twenty minutes away. So, suffice it to say, I’m greatly looking forward to our trip to Trader Joe’s in Cleveland this weekend. I have my shopping list ready! What are your favorite items to purchase at Trader Joe’s? 

2. So we have a few days of unschooling/homeschooling under our belt. I’m proud of how hard Theo is working and playing. I’m excited by the change in demeanor that I’ve noticed in him already. And, honestly, we are having fun with it. I was feeling a little sympathetic for Oliver yesterday, though. We are pouring a lot of effort into figuring out this thing for Theo and I felt like Oliver needed a some extra love. I picked him up when he came into the kitchen while I was cooking dinner and held him close. I asked him if he wanted to dance with me and he nodded and laid his head on my shoulder. I savored every last minute of the interaction and marveled at how little these kids really need. Sometimes it seems confusing because each kid asks for love in such a different way, but really, they are all asking for the same thing. Theo wants you to do something with him. Oliver wants physical affection. And Bea, well I guess we will just have to see what communicates love to her. All we want is for someone else to notice us and see the ways we want to be loved. We want to be loved in our way, not your way. It’s the noticing that matters.

3. I picked up a lovely vintage copy of Little Women at a thrift store a few weeks back and I’ve really enjoyed re-reading this classic. It’s beautifully illustrated and it is the perfect winter read.

4. I watched an interesting documentary on minimalism the other night. I have conflicting thoughts on the whole movement. On one hand, I completely agree that we all have too much stuff and it’s easy to have an unhealthy relationship with consumerism. However, as someone who describes her style as boho-granny-chic, I have a hard time fully subscribing to the philosophy. What about you? Where do you fall on the minimalist-hoarder spectrum?

5. I was in a yoga class last night and the instructor was telling us about her friend and her year of “being wrong,” her anti-resolution for the year. I can’t get this idea out of my head. As someone who over thinks everything in order to only put myself in situations with positive outcomes, I can see the value in intentionally putting myself in the failure zone. It kind of circles back to what I was saying in my homeschooling post this week; I’m tired of doing what I can do. I want to do what only God can do.

My world will stay so incredibly small if I stick to the things I can do without risk of failure. How boring does that sound!? I like this idea of a year of being wrong. Of admitting that I don’t know what I don’t know. On the flip side of all this, of course, is learning, asking for help, and growth. You can’t grow that which you don’t bring into the sunshine, and I feel like my proverbial potted plants have been wilting in the closet for far too long. Their limbs are droopy and the petals have all fallen off. But that’s ok. There is still so much life in the roots. So I’ll ask to be moved to the window sill and turn my head to the sun and allow the truth of my need to be met by the truth of my need meeter.

And I will grow.

Happy Friday, to all my fellow wilty buds. May the sun shine brightly on your face, wherever you are.


One thought on “Five Things

  1. Everyone’s post-Christmas de-cluttering always makes me think too. I don’t like to live in a mess, but I do love my stuff. I don’t agree with the idea of only keeping things that currently give you joy, because seasonal decor only gives me joy during that season. 🙂 I worked hard for or am grateful for the gift of the things I have, I take care of them and enjoy them! 🙂

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