Five Things

1. I have such a deep and unwavering love for guacamole. And french fries. And pizza. I just want to say that I think food is amazing. How amazing is it that we get to eat? Like, really, really amazing things? Life is cool like that.

2. Theo started taking showers all by himself. The transition from “little boy in a tub” to “big boy in a shower” was almost more than my heart could take. But then, one morning as he was getting ready to walk downstairs to shower, he said, “You can come down with me and talk to me!” Oh, my heart. He is still my little boy…for now.

3. One of my absolute favorite things that Oliver is doing right now is his habit of randomly stopping what he is doing, placing both hands in his lap, looking off in the distance and with a sigh saying, “We having a GREAT day!” Sweetest. Thing. EVER. I hope he does it always and forever.

4. I’m re-reading Little Women and something about reading this book in this season of life has been so rewarding. I find it to not only to be the great story I once thought it was, but additionally, I find myself feeling so inspired and encouraged by it! A tender and loving story for all ages and all seasons.

5. This has been a long week. A good week, but long. I’m struggling to come up with my fifth “thing.” I’m up late, past when I should have gone to bed. But the house is quiet and I know that as soon as my head hits the pillow I’ll fall asleep and before I know it, the house won’t be quiet anymore. Do you know that feeling? That tension between loving your life but also feeling like you need two days of solid sleep? Tomorrow I have a few simple games I want to play with Theo and Oliver. I want to snuggle Beatrice. She is growing up so quickly. I need to plan our meals for the next week and I’d like to read more from my book about Charlotte Mason and un-schooling. The boys have a ton of new library books and books on CD to keep the occupied. And I have leftovers in the fridge to feed my constant need to snack. We are loaded up on coffee. And hey, I got the whole house vacuumed and mopped this week. So that’s a nice feature. We have been in an entertaining rut lately and I’d like to get that figured out. Also, I think my face looks weird. All glances in the mirror lately make me feel like my face and body are wonky. What causes this??? I’m in the mood to make some homemade Epsom salts. Let me know if you do this and if you have any favorite essential oils to add. And in case that isn’t enough stream of consciousness for you, let me tell you what I’ve been thinking about zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (passes out on laptop).

Happy Friday, gum drops.


4 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about thinking your face looks wonky! Not that I’ve thought that about you. LOL. But I have thought the same thing about myself. Maybe it’s just something that happens at our age, our face changes to more of an “adult” shape?? Sometimes I look at pictures of myself and I almost don’t recognize myself. It’s crazy!!

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