Five Thing

1. Have you heard of Golden Milk? I have several friends who have been telling me about it for awhile now and I finally made some this week. DELICIOUS. Whether you are sick, cold, or just in need of something delicious, Golden Milk is the perfect hot beverage to cure what ails you this winter. I made this recipe.

Golden Milk is made with Turmeric which is FULL of amazing benefits and this recipe is tasty in addition to being good for you.

Have you tried Golden Milk? Have you tried it cold? So far I’ve only drank it as a hot beverage since Ohio winter’s are cold and dark and I can’t handle any more coldness. But I plan on serving it cold once the weather turns warm!

2. And speaking of winter…this is the time of year that is the hardest for me. The holidays are over. Sunshine is over. Warm weather is over. It’s just gray skies and mud and dead leaves as far as the eye can see. I’m crying my eyes out just thinking about it. I hate Ohio in the winter. The kids have been grouchy this week. I’m struggling with their grouchiness and feeling the weight of my own. I’ve welcomed the sweet reprieve of good coffee, yoga, and having grown-up-people in my home this week, but it’s those in between hours that are hardest. I feel like I’m not really accomplishing much more than managing grouchy kids, feeding grouchy kids, and changing diapers. I know this isn’t unique to Ohio or winter, but those factors make the other factors all that much harder to handle. Also, Instagram has started aggressively running ads and I feel like they are ruining my special little space. Is nothing sacred?

Someone take me to the beach.  

3. A friend brought over piles of fantastic books for the kids. Included in the stack were a few books that I fondly remember reading as a kid. That was a pretty great moment.

4. Sometimes I say, “Oh for Heaven’s sake.” This week I heard Theo say, “Oh for Kevin’s sake.” We do not know a Kevin. I find this hilarious and I hope he never stops saying it.

5. On the menu tonight? Sushi. Loads of it. That and great conversation with my hubby and some friends. Look out Friday night, I’m comin for you.

Happy Friday!


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