re-watching Downton Abbey (I think I only ever made it through season 2)

coffee (obvi) A friend of mine dropped off a new roast that I hadn’t tried yet from my favorite coffee shop and it made my week. Like literally made my week.

my yoga time with Theo

the way Oliver crinkles up his nose to smile at me

how Beatrice is so eager to get right in to the thick of the action when her dad and big brothers start to play

sparkly nail polish on my toes

new body lotion that smells like frankincense and myrrh (my jam!)

a clean fridge (I stress clean – not a bad habit to have)

the way my husband always texts me throughout the day to make sure I’m doing ok and that the kids haven’t gone all Lord Of The Flies on me

cookies that I made and hid from the children (bahahahahaha I don’t even feel a little bit bad)

listening to fun music while I make dinner and dancing with whomever walks into the kitchen while I work

Lauren Conrad is pregnant and the teenage Laguna Beach fan that still lives inside of me can’t help but be super excited for baby LC

the veggie straws from Aldi. They are like eating vegetables, only so much saltier/better

not loving

morning. it comes too soon

I’ve been stranded at home without a vehicle all week (someone come rescue me)

an expensive van repair

the feeling when you can’t remember if you actually said something or just thought about something that you should say

Beyoncé’s birth announcement. I can’t even handle the veil. Pa-lease

breakfast. I’m so over breakfast food (but still so hungry!)

gloomy days. The sun will come back, eventually….right?

laundry. Some day this will be my kids’ job and it will be glorious.


little boys who wipe boogers on the walls, bed frames, and blankets

serious conversations

bras that are too big and underwear that is too small


What about you? What are you loving, lately? Tell me. I want to hear the good stuff that is happening out there.






7 thoughts on “Currently.

  1. Girl you have brighten my morning.I was going to wait and read this later because I was running short on time.But I thought oh why not and so glad I did .Because you did lift me up.
    And as I am writing this I see the sun is trying to push out a little and that will help as well.
    Just keep dancing in the kitchen and have a good day stay warm.

  2. Have you watched the crown on Netflix? If you like downton you would probably like the crown 🙂

    I’m loving new books right now! I finally made a big list of all the books I’ve been wanting to read and have been putting them on hold at the library. I’m loving reading during my spare time as opposed to mindlessly checking social media.

    1. I’ve been told that I need to watch The Crown! I’ll add it to my “to watch” list, thanks!
      I’m a big reader too and I would LOVE to know what you are reading and what is on your list, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. ❤

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