Eight Easy Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

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Ok, if I’m really, reeeeally being honest with you, my favorite holiday of the whole year is Valentine’s Day.

You read that right. Valentine’s Day. The day that people love to hate. This makes me SO SAD.

Valentine’s Day is one day out of our whole year where we get to be creative and go out of our way to tell the people we care about most just how much they mean to us. It’s amazing!

So many people say, “I don’t need a holiday to make me do nice things for my significant other.”

To that I say, “You are right! You GET a day to do it!”

Yay you! Yay us! Yay for LOVE!

This year, I’m looking forward to sprinkling a little extra love on the people nearest and dearest to me. I love celebrating the holiday with my kids. We always try to make a few fun crafts and even invite some friends over for heart shaped snacks and treats. My husband doesn’t care whether or not he receives cards (a tragedy, if there ever was one), so I take the opportunity to buy them for my friends. I DO have a few special ways that I treat my husband for Valentine’s Day, though, so if you are struggling for fun a creative ideas, look no further! Also, be sure to check out tomorrow’s post, where my good friend Ashley will share with us a few of her favorite, creative date-night ideas!

Here are a few of my favorite ways that I communicate my love for my main squeeze. Maybe use this Valentine’s Day as a fun excuse to try one or two of these ideas!

-load up on his favorite snacks. An easy way to show my hubby I’m thinking about him is to always keep him in mind as I grocery shop. Do I love cookies n cream ice cream? NO. But he does!

-make his lunch for him. I don’t make my husband’s lunch on the reg. But, I know how much it means to him when I surprise him by putting together his lunch for him the night before. He never expects it, and is always very appreciative of the gesture.

-be intentional about words of affirmation. One thing I know about my husband – he values words of affirmation. I try to follow the “If you see it, speak it” practice of calling out the good things I see in others, but sometimes, I need to be extra intentional about doing this with my husband. My hubby does so many amazing things for our family on a daily basis that it’s easy to come to expect what he does, rather than appreciate it. Words of affirmation cost nothing, but mean everything.

-impromptu neck rubs. Mr. Shipper loves to be pampered. My man can build houses, throw around hundreds of pounds of weight, and can grow a beard in two days. But boy does he love him some shea butter neck rubs. It cracks me up, but again, is an easy way to connect and say “I love you” to the man who means so much to me.

-speak positively about him to others. I’m not saying you have to be fake and I’m not saying you can’t seek help in your relationships when you need it, but one of the best ways I can show my husband that I love him is how I represent him and our marriage to others. When we go out together I want people to see that he is my best friend, because he is. When I meet up with my friends for coffee, I want what I say about my husband to communicate that I love and value and respect him, because I do. Do we fight? Absolutely. Does he drive me crazy sometimes? Sure. But that isn’t representative of him. It’s representative of two humans doing life together and sometimes not always getting it right. His heart, his passion for others, his drive to serve God and take care of his family, that is who my husband is and that is how I want to represent him to others.

-thank him. I don’t always do a great job of thanking my husband for the simple things – for always taking the trash out on garbage day; for always having coffee with me when he firsts come home from school; for always being the one to replace lightbulbs.

-keep him updated. Ok, go with me on this one. This could be taken in several directions. First, I know my husband really appreciates it when I send him photos of me and the kids during the day. He works three jobs and is gone when we wake up and doesn’t typically call it a night before 10 PM most days. He appreciates it when I include him in the funny, sweet, or unusual things that are happening at home. Second, because he is working so hard for us away from the house, he appreciates it when I keep him updated on schedules, status of different things at home, etc. It’s easy to fall into a “I do my job and you do yours” mentality, but in reality, it’s all ONE. We are both working towards the same goals and we are one in our marriage and our mindset. So it’s important to be one in our schedules ;-). Ultimately, it boils down to common curtesy and including the other person, knowing that you are both in it, even when you can’t both always be together.

-say I love you. No, seriously. Sometimes, it’s just that simple, and just that necessary. You don’t need a holiday to tell someone you love them. You GET a holiday to tell someone you love them. So do it.




2 thoughts on “Eight Easy Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

    1. Thanks Katherine! I never realized it was important until my husband thanked me for doing it, one day. It’s easy for me to take for granted that I get to spend all this time with the kids while he is away from home working. He misses us as much as we miss him! It’s so simple, but keeps us all feeling like we are moving together in the same direction. 🙂

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