14 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift & Date Ideas

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A Guest Post by Ashley Hicks

Over the last seven and a half years since my husband and I met, we have tried to continually find new ways to show each other our love, devotion, and friendship! We are always up for a new, crazy adventure or just a night in watching sci-fi shows. Since Bekah was so gracious as to lend me her blog for the day, I’ll take the opportunity to share some of the ways my hubby and I have spoiled each other over the years:

  1. Fill a basket with your better-half’s favorite snacks (or drinks or candy or whatever is specific to them). My husband goes crazy for snacks. He can’t get enough! He is easy to please and loves when I randomly bring him home something special to munch on. He loves it even more with it’s a giant basket-worth of things for him to munch on!
  2. Beer connoisseur? Make their brew dreams a reality! You can buy sets of the six most common styles of beer glassware! Here is the same specialty beer glass set we have, and don’t forget to buy six bottles of coordinating beer to go with! I linked to World Market because it’s my favorite spot to find new beer, but a lot of local grocery or liquor stores will have a section for building your own six pack! Also, here’s a handy beer/glass pairing cheat sheet with recommendations for those to need some help figuring out what to fill those glasses with: http://www.craftbeerware.com/beer-glass-types
  3. Are you more of a DIY/kitchen junkie and want to try your hand at a new skillHere is a great recipe for Valentine’s Amaretto Chocolate Truffles and great instructions for chocolate covered strawberries (or, I guess any other fruit or snack item you would like to be covered in chocolate). This one is great for a surprise gift or as a sweet couple’s activity! Bonus points for decorating your own gift  box for the chocolates to go in!

blog1blog24. Replace your soft white incandescents with LED Daylight BulbsI’ll be honest, this one is a little more “us” specific. My hubby has a tendency to get the winter blues and it usually hits its peak mid-February. We have a therapy-grade sunlamp that he uses, but sometimes, it’s not enough when the winter days are so short.  About five years ago, as a V-Day gift for him, I went out and bought enough daylight bulbs to replace all of the light bulbs in our house!  If you’re a bit confused as to why that is even remotely romantic, check out this article on light therapy and Seasonal Affective Disorder as well as this article on the benefits of full spectrum lighting. Bonus points if you write them a card explaining that the gift is because they’re the light of your life and you want to do whatever you can to make sure they continue to shine! Not that I would ever stoop to such cheesy levels. 

5. Buy a board game for twoWe have this, this, and this! We have a few others as well, but these seem to be our favorites for a date night because each round is simple, quick, and you can still maintain a conversation while playing. Plus, both Love Letter and Carcassone can be played with more than two players as well for when you have friends over.

6. Want something traditional with a twist? If you are a lady, buy your man some flowers! It’s unexpected, but usually well received. You can go with a Valentine’s classic, like roses, or find something a little more unusual!

7. Hook them up with a set of square photo magnetsHarley bought a set for me for Mother’s Day and I love them! However, if you’re going to order them in time for V-Day, do it quick before their shipping deadlines pass!

8. Plan a four-course restaurant hopDo you know of a local town that has a ton of amazing restaurants and bars all within walking distance of each other, but you feel like you can never experience them all? Try them all! We love doing this on North High Street in Columbus! If you’re local to Wayne County, my place would definitely be Wooster! Pick a different venue for appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks (cocktails or coffee…whichever strikes your fancy)!

9. Broke as a joke? Try this for some changeBack when Harley and I were dating, we would regularly scrounge up all of the loose change we could find and that was our date budget! One of the most memorable times was heading to Movies 10 in North Canton (our dollar theatre) and hitting it up for a mid afternoon triple feature! Back in 2009, our picks were Men Who Stare At Goats, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Plus, you get the bonding experience of working together and getting creative to make your budget go as far as possible! 

10. Wanna stay in and get cozyIf you have kids, this negates the need for a sitter! Put the kids to bed, crack open a bottle of wine (or a couple bottles of craft beer), dress up a bit, cook a nice dinner (or order in), play one of those two-person board games, do some Wii bowling, and watch a movie!


11. Visit a new city! Dreaming of getting out of town? Hop on AirBnB and pick a destination! And if you’re an ex-emo kid and you heart is in Ohio, here’s a list of places in Ohio that are available the weekend of the February 18th.

12. Have some musical ability? Record songs for each otherHarley and I did this our very first Valentine’s together. We had no money, so we agreed to do this instead! I make a recording of me playing piano and singing My Funny Valentine, and he recorded himself playing acoustic and singing Paris by Friendly Fires. A little quirky, but super sweet. And no, you don’t get links to listen. 😉

13. Flea market gift exchange! One of the more fun and spontaneous dates Harley and I went on! Hit up your local flea market/goodwill/antique store/boutique and split up for 20 minutes! Give yourselves each a $5-$10 budget to find a gift for one another, then meet back up and exchange! He got me a sculpture of a white, ceramic hand that doubles as a ring holder, and I got him a brass sheet metal sign embossed with the letter “H”.

14. Do you literally have zero money to put towards Valentine’s Day, or are you reading this on Valentine’s Day realizing that you forgot and totally screwed up and have nothing planned and are panicking? Don’t panic! Just do something out of the ordinary! Would your other half’s eyes fall out of their head if you took out the trash? Do it! Fold their laundry and put it away? Do it! Go outside in the middle of February and wash their car? Probably don’t do that one, unless you want frostbite. Just find a way to show them you care by doing something unusual for you. For me, that unusual thing was dragging my butt out of bed at 5 am to make Harley breakfast before he woke up! I had even gotten him flowers the night before and hid them in the refrigerator in our garage!

Regardless of what you decide to do, the best way to tell that special someone that you love them is by sticking to who you are and showing them that you really like them for who they are and that you pay attention to their likes, quirks, and interests. If you stick with that, you can’t go wrong!


Happy February, little love birds!


My name is Ashley. I am wife and best bud to Harley. Together, we have a four year old, two-year old twins, and one last baby due mid summer! We like to play music together, tear apart our house and put it back together, and we both share a love for super hero and sci-fi shows. To keep myself in “me” mode and not succumb totally to mushy mommy brain, I enjoy singing, knitting, reading, sewing, gardening, cooking, pyrography, power tools, and pretty much any hobby I can get my hands on!



2 thoughts on “14 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift & Date Ideas

  1. These are really great ideas!! I think I would totally embarrass my husband if I recorded him a song, but i think it’s so cute that you did that. Great stuff. Usually we don’t exchange gifts or do anything special, but I think it’s so nice to mark the occasion by doing SOMETHING nice. Thank you for posting this and reminding me to do something great for my special guy!!!

    1. Aren’t these such cute ideas? I agree with you, Katherine, I’m not brave enough to record a song for my husband, but if you ever heard my friend Ashly sing (who wrote this post), then you would know why this was a gift idea for her. She is super talented. I’m so glad you enjoyed her post and that it left you feeling inspired to celebrate your sweetheart!

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