Five Things

I’ve been listening to some great podcasts lately, so I thought I’d share a couple!

1. That Sounds Fun With Annie F. Downs: Check out episode #23 with Michael Wear. It’s a fantastic interview and the most positive take on politics I’ve heard in maybe two years. Seriously so good. Also, fun fact, I’m super excited to check out his new book, Reclaiming Hope. It’s my next book to review, so stay tuned!

2. The Village Church – Culture Matters: Check out episode #42 with Makoto Fujimura. This podcast really inspired the way I think about art and faith. As someone who has always been a big art lover, I really connected with Fujimura’s ideas on creation, creativity, and faith. At the end of the podcast, I was really interested to hear the hosts’ thoughts on Martin Scorsese’s new film, Silence.

3. Stories Podcast: We’ve never played kid’s music for our kids because, well, it’s horrible. But, when we are in the van together and I want to entertain the kids without putting in a DVD, I rely on this amazing podcast full of fun kid’s stories. It’s great!

4. I started watching The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels on Amazon Prime. OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. This show is amazing. I don’t know how I haven’t heard about this show before. Honestly, this is one of the most masterfully crafted pieces of entertainment – either from a tv show or movie – that I’ve ever seen. Daniels is brilliant as a lead anchor in a nighttime news show, and the show is so impeccably scripted that each episode leaves me feeling inspired. Also, though it does have strong language, it’s such a relief to find a show that isn’t 100% about sex. I get it. People like to have sex. Can we all just move on? It doesn’t make interesting entertainment for me. This show, though. SLOW. CLAP.

5. Last night Mike had to work late because it was parent teacher conference night at his school. The kids and I ate dinner together then we all got into our jammies and piled into my bed to watch a show. Solo parenting is hard, and we certainly missed daddy, but it can be nice to have those evenings where you are SO OUTNUMBERED that all you can do is be in your PJ’s by 6:30, watching a show, and you don’t feel even a tad bit bad about it. Because what else are you going to do?

The photo above cracks me up. I instructed Theo to hold onto his sister so that she wouldn’t climb off the bed while I snapped a photo. She was clearly not into it. Oh these kids. What a gift.

Happy Friday, dearies. Enjoy your weekend, and the people in it.


2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. Definitely checking out #1 and #4. The show kind of sounds like west wing (inspiring, grown up but not revolving around sex). Does it compare?

    Thanks for the recommendations! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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