A Little About Me

Oh. Hey there!

I took last week off from blogging because the weather was fantastic, my husband had a few days off from school, and well, I just needed it. I needed to focus on my family and take care of myself a little bit, and leave everything else to another day. It felt good, but I missed you!

Hey! How are you?

It’s been awhile since I’ve introduced/reintroduced myself, so I thought I’d share a little about me. Here goes.

  • I don’t enjoy driving. Dream Goal: have enough money to hire a driver to take me everywhere. I would naturally be sleeping in the back. Wake me when we get to Starbucks.
  • I have four tattoos. Love them all.
  • My husband and I met on a blind date, were engaged after six months, and married six months later. Some people call us impulsive. I call us decisive.
  • I love spicy, salty, and bitter flavors. I’m not much of a sweet person, although I do love sugar cookies and my mom’s pie.
  • I thought I wanted to go to law school after college. I even took the LSATs and figured out where I wanted to attend law school. But then I took a job as a paralegal and quickly realized that wasn’t the life for me.
  • I hate being cold and mosquitos make me irrationally angry.
  • I would buy designer shoes in a HEARTBEAT if I could afford them. I would wear them around on the daily but then display them when they weren’t in use in some ridiculous way. Like putting a pair on the piano, the coffee table, and on bookshelves.
  • I love old movies. I love old music. I love old books. I love old things. But I’m really happy living in this century. (hashtag CHIPOTLE)
  • I love to vacuum but I hate doing laundry.
  • I love going for a run in the heat and humidity. The hotter the better.
  • I worry a lot about how I come across to people.
  • I’ve never been whitewater rafting and don’t ever intend to go. I’m not a thrill seeker. I’m brave in terms of life choices, but not physically…
  • …except for childbirth. I’ve had all three of my babies 100% naturally, without so much as a tylenol. That’s a much physical thrill seeking as I can stand.
  • I am a fairly content person. The one thing that I do long for, though, is to travel.
  • Pet Peeves: people who aren’t willing to try new things, being around a dog that won’t stop jumping on you, and weak coffee.
  • Things I love: people with a quick wit and a fun outlook on life, late night snacks, open windows, being near water, and dresses.
  • I love taking bubble baths. But I also love camping because you get to be outside and not shower.
  • I’m hard on myself, but not competitive with other people.
  • I can crack and egg open with one hand (without any shells falling into my bowl).
  • I’m good at making difficult recipes and always mess up simple ones.
  • I clean when I’m stressed.
  • I get very calm and quiet when I’m the most nervous or scared. I have to feel pretty confident to be silly or outgoing, which is why I value people who are lighthearted and fun. Serious people stress me out and make me more serious.
  • I love to wear hats, and wear them often.
  • I love it when people I know randomly stop by my house.
  • My favorite colors are earth tones.
  • I wear Chanel perfume for special occasions.
  • One of my favorite things to do with my husband on a date is to enjoy a nice meal together at a new restaurant.
  • I hate feeling restricted by rules or schedules.
  • My husband and my kids makes me a better person.
  • I think one of my best skills is the ability to order well at a restaurant, from appetizer straight through to dessert.
  • My preferred way to take photographs is with my 35 mm camera my grandfather gave me, and with which I took four years of darkroom photography in high school. I miss developing my own film, a skill that I think all photographers should learn, and hope to one day have a dark room of my own to enjoy again.
  • I quickly become bored and restless. It’s good for me to always have a new challenge to keep from getting irritable.
  • My husband is truly my best friend. I think he the most intelligent, kind, generous, and inspiring person I’ve ever met. I’m crazy attracted to him, want to be with him all the time, and all my favorite memories from the past 12 years include him.
  • I could eat pizza and salad every day and never get tired of it.
  • Favorite musicians (in no particular order, and just to name a few): Fleetwood Mac, CCR, Dave Brubeck, The Black Keys, The Shins, The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Fleet Foxes, The Head & The Heart, Ryan Adams, and Tony Bennett.
  • I never really imagined myself with kids, but now I couldn’t imagine my life without my three babies. I love being a mom. I mean, I really, really love it.
  • I’ve practiced yoga since high school.
  • I’m a night owl. Mornings are the bane of my existence.

There you have it!

6 thoughts on “A Little About Me

  1. I love this post!! I’ve often said that if I was wealthy, I don’t care about having a housekeeper. I want a chauffeur!! 🙂 If I get one before you do, I’ll let you borrow him. Dogs that jump on you are the worst. If they start licking my toes, I’m done.

    I completely agree that ordering at a restaurant is a skill – it’s one that I’ve honed very carefully throughout my life. Eating is SO important and you don’t want the fun of getting to eat what someone else prepares for you to be messed up by the way your order was given or received!! I’m not kidding when I say the biggest conflict Paul and I have had this year was over the way he ordered my lunch at ChickFilA. LOL. Not even kidding. We’ve agreed that from now on, I will order while he finds the table. It’s just better for the longevity of our relationship. 🙂

    Always love getting to know adult Rebekah better and I can’t wait for the chance to hang out with you IRL!

    1. Toe licking! I can’t even, lol. We are on the same page, girl. ;-). And I have so been there with ordering struggles with my husband. We do the same thing – I order and get things how I want them, and he does the driving, table finding, etc, lol.
      It’s so fun to continue to get to know each other via the blog and other forms of communication, but yes, would love the chance to grab coffee together — someday! ❤

  2. I love reading your blog! I remember seeing you at college and thought it was fun that our kids are about the same age (I have two boys and a girl too) so I’ve been following you for about a year now. Just wanted to say “thank you” for the solidarity you didn’t know you’re giving me. 🙂

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much! That means the world to me. How fun that we both have two boys and a little girl! Thanks for leaving a comment and for reading. My heart really is to encourage other mommas out there. Great to hear from you! ❤

  3. Rebekah even that we are related and don’t know each other very well because of age and we don’t enter act in each other’s live’s.I admire you so much and I am so proud of you. I love so much reading your blog when I can and believe it or not I have learned a few thing’s over a perod of time all good.:).You have a beautiful mind and you and your hubby have a lovely family there is know way you could not your both so handsome.I can remember the first time I saw him when you brought him to WV.to the reunion he was so good looking .You had all us old women in ahhhh!! Have a good day .

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