How & Why We Use Norwex Products

I do not sell Norwex products and I do not own massive amounts of Norwex stock. No, the unbridled enthusiasm you are about to witness for these products is as authentic as it is *ahem* a little over the top. But I can’t help myself. Norwex has changed my life, and I would marry it and do it’s laundry and make it a Sunday afternoon pot roast each week if I could. Norwex, I love you! I looooove you!

But for reals, people, this stuff is legit.

This is another reader request post. I was excited when my IG friend, Ali, asked me to share my thoughts on Norwex products. Ali, after this post, might be less excited, as my excitement borders on obsession. You’ve all been warned.

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I was introduced to Norwex shortly after Oliver, our middle child, was born. My mom asked me to host a party, with the incentive that she’d split the hostess rewards with me. I said sure, why not, because free stuff is, well, you know, free. It’s hard to pass up.

I wouldn’t say I was “excited” about the product, mostly just intrigued.

As someone who borders on crunchy hippie girl, I do most things as natural as possible. I’m skeptical of anything that comes prepackaged and sold in the big box stores. This doesn’t make me unique, I know, just rather a little hard to please. I realized though, that my cleaning routine was a far cry from natural. I made quite a few of my cleaning products at the time, but I held hard and fast to my skin searing bottles of Clorox products to clean the kitchen. You know, because of germs.

So my ears had perked up during the Norwex party when our host said that the silver in the rags would kill more germs than any other cleaning product on the market, all natural or otherwise. She demonstrated this point by smearing raw chicken allllll over this vegetarian’s counter tops. She dusted the trail of chicken goo with a powder and then shone a black light on top to reveal all the nasty bacteria left behind. Gag.

Then, she took a few products to “clean” up the counter. She wiped one area with Clorox wipes. She cleaned another area with Method’s multi purpose spray. And then she did a single wipe in another area with a Norwex Enviro cloth. More powder was sprinkled on top, and again, out came the black light. There was an incredible amount of bacteria left by the Clorox wipes. Like, an incredible amount. The area cleaned with the Method spray was a little better, but still, the germs were kind of smeared around and not completely eliminated in spots. The area wiped by the Norwex rag, however, was spotless. Spot – less.

Still, this seemed too good to be true, right?

Oliver is now three, so I’ve been using my Norwex products weekly for about three years. Slowly but surly, my skepticism turned to  amazement, and then my amazement turned to belief. All the old bottles of cleaners that I had held on to at first to just “make sure” things were really clean have long since been thrown in the trash. The biggest thing that convinced me of these products is how everything feels when you use the rags. Things just feel squeaky clean. And the smell! This is the craziest part for me.

I know a lot of people don’t want to give up their cleaning products because it is the smell that tells them (and their hubby, lol), that they’ve cleaned. But really, it’s the smell that signals just how toxic most of this stuff really is. As a long time user of Norwex products, I can tell my house is clean as a pin, not because things smell pine fresh or like a tropical breeze, but when there is absolutely no small at all! Seriously, Norwex products have a way of almost clearing up the very air. It’s magic. Especially when you consider that I have three VERY smelly children. No smell is the surest sign of cleanliness.

For this reason, I prefer cleaning with Norwex even over using essential oils. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making your own natural cleaners and adding a few drops of EO for good measure, but I love that I can clean my entire house with just my Norwex rags and mop, and then keep my EO for diffusing, making body products, and for topical use (for health). Again, that is just personal preference.

I also love that, thanks to Nowex, we are a soap free house. That’s right! Soap, free. No soap at the kitchen or bathroom sink because we don’t need it. Our Norwex rags do a safer and more efficient job of killing germs on our hands and on my countertops. Now, my husband and I do still use an all natural body soap in the shower that our friend makes, mostly just because we want to. But that’s totally optional. We wouldn’t have to do that if we didn’t’ want to.

So what Norwex products do I use and love?

body rags

I use the body rags to wash my face. I am a big believer in the oil cleansing method for washing my face, but I don’t need to do that every night. Most nights of the week, I simply use my body cloth, which has the same antibacterial/antiviral silver in it as the Enviro rag. This rag is also used to wipe down the kids.

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enviro cloth/window cloth

How do I clean my house? With these two rags. Did you catch that?

these. two. rags.

That’s IT.

No bottles of chemicals. No harsh cleaners that tell us a room is “clean” by the burning of our nostrils. No more changing into clothes that I don’t mind getting ruined by bleach stains.

Just two little ol magic rags that I clean my house from top to bottom, each and every room – including the bathroom.

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baby cloth

One way that Norwex has really changed my life is through the baby cloths. They are essentially the same thing as the body cloth, but I use them as my baby wipes. Again, just water and the rag is all I need to make sure my baby is completely clean and free from harmful germs and bacteria, without the use of skin-drying soap or harmful chemicals. Let me tell you why this has been such a game changer, besides the obvious, of keeping my baby safe.

I breastfed my babies. We used cloth diapers. And I made all our skincare creams that they occasionally needed. With the introduction of the baby cloths, there was literally nothing I needed to buy for my babies. We were completely sustainable and able to just keep reusing everything we had. I did extra laundry, sure, but there was no running out of wipes or diapers. No 2 am trips to the dreaded Walmart. Nothing to throw in the trash. When I took my kids out and about, I traveled with a wet bag to throw the dirties in, but outside of that, changing our kids in public was no more difficult because we were using reusable products – just different!Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I use my Norwex rags in the kitchen to make sure my countertops are germ free. I’ve already mentioned that we use the rags to keep our hands clean. I use a Norwex mop for the floors. I dust with the same enviro rag that I clean everything from the bathroom to my bookshelves with. (That is the other amazing party trick that our host performed – showing how the rags lock in bacteria, literally trapping it so that you don’t spread it from thing to thing, or smear it around the counter like regular dish cloths.) The kids have a special Norwex hand towel shaped like an animal that they use in the bathroom.

This might sound like a lot of products, but really, it’s not. I use a hand towel in the kitchen and at each sink in the bathroom (3). I use  a bac-lock dish towel in the kitchen (1). I use a body cloth for me and for each kid (4). I have a set of baby cloths (3). I have an enviro cloth that I use to clean the entire house (1). I have the mop (1) and a kids hand towel (1). That is 14 rags. Guess how many cleaning products I buy each week? 0 Guess how many I buy each month? 0 Each year? 0

Even if you aren’t concerned about “cleaning up” your cleaning routine. Even if you prefer the smell of your natural cleaners. One fantastic reason to give Norwex products a try is their sustainability. Another reason is the cost savings over the long haul. I love that, once you’ve made your initial investment in your Nowex products, you simply keep using them over and over. They do have a lifespan, but after three years, I haven’t hit mine yet.

They are better for you. They are better for the environment. And they work so. incredibly. well.

Also, this could be completely coincidental or anecdotal, so don’t hold me to it, but I also feel like we’ve been healthier since I’ve started using Norwex. Have we been completely illness free? Of course not. But take this winter for example: Everyone has been so desperately sick all winter long. We’ve had our issues here and there, but nothing compared to others. Any my husband is a teacher! He brings home all kinds of germs. I believe that Norwex products, combined with our other natural ways of living, not only helps us clean germs up, but also, fight them when they start to attack.

Norwex products are an investment. I would never have been able to build up the stock I currently have if I didn’t have that party way back when. Also, I have a mom who loves to gift Norwex. 😉 If you are interested in Norwex but don’t want to spend a lot, I would recommend that you start with an enviro rag for your cleaning, and a hand towel to have in your kitchen (or bathroom) for keeping your hands clean, drying dishes, etc. A bac-lock kitchen rag would be a close third. You’ll also need to purchase their laundry soap, as you can’t use regular detergent. If you use cloth diapers as we do, then this is a fantastic soap for the diapers.

Again, I don’t sell Norwex and I don’t ever plan to, but I am 100% sold on their products. This, of course, is all opinion and should be taken as such. If you want to learn more about the products, how to use them, how they work, and how to take care of them, I suggest you find a distributor and host a party. They really are fascinating parties, and you usually end the night with half the guests trying out the products on your home (read: CLEANING YOUR HOUSE), so it’s really a win-win. 😉


Are any of you Norwex users? Any other die-hard fans out there? Tell us your favorite Norwex products and how you use them! I still feel like there is a lot to learn in this world, so share the love!

6 thoughts on “How & Why We Use Norwex Products

  1. I love hearing reviews from someone who is not trying to sell me something. I also love that you’ve been using them for years and still stand by them. I got the hair towel for Christmas, and I do like it, but that’s all I’ve ever had or used. My husband’s cousin sells the stuff, maybe I should just bite the bullet and have a party. Those kind of parties make me cringe though. You know what I mean?

    1. Ali, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I really, really don’t like those kinds of parties. But, with that being said, Norwex parties are almost like a “class,” so I had fun learning so much. It probably helped that I had a really well informed person doing the party who ALSO kept things moving. 😉 I understand your concern though. I would say that it’s worth it to get the hostess rewards, as you can really come away with a great starter set.

  2. I just hosted a party last week, as these products are spreading like wildfire through my local circle of friends. Norwex is VERY GENEROUS with their host rewards as long as one of your guests books their own party. I love hearing that your products have held up so well! I bought a travel pack of four small Enviro cloths and I have one hanging on a Command hook in each bathroom cupboard. Also a separate one for the toilets for, well, mental block reasons (just can’t bring myself to use the same rag on my toilets and the faucet even though I believe in their antibacterial capabilities). I love the detergent for our cloth dipes too! Excited to hear what other people love about them (also I have no intention of ever selling them either, just love what I have so far!).

  3. This is an amazing post! I love hearing in site from Norwex Consumers.
    Your mom is a gem and has taught me so many things!
    Can I share your link to this post?

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