My Little Brother Is Having A Baby

My little brother is having a baby.

There are always questions we have before we have our first baby.

Will I be a good parent? Will I enjoy parenthood? Will I be patient enough? Creative enough? Loving enough?

I do not have these questions about my brother.

In my opinion, Josh has always been the superior human being. Of the two of us, he is the kind one. The compassionate one. The brave one. The one who makes everyone smile when he walks into a room. He is loyal and caring, funny and smart, and one of the most tender hearted people I know.

He is going to make an excellent father. 

Again, just like last week when I wrote about my husband, I am feeling sentimental. I spent some time with my sister-in-law this evening and soaked up her lovely glow and basked in the presence of new life being formed literally right in front of me. It’s all so beautiful and magical and glorious. It made me happy and sappy.

And then I started thinking about my brother.

I thought of my brother who spent hours with me in our backyard as kids, digging through the dirt to find arrow heads and treasure. Who splashed with me in the puddles left behind by a rainstorm. Who would run around me playing army man while I read books.

I thought of my brother who was my sole companion during a hard move. Who would ride his bike while I roller bladed in the driveway. Who helped me create elaborate imaginative worlds where we were explorers or pirates or settlers on the wild frontier.

I thought of brother who was my best friend. Who would talk to me about books and movies over a cup of coffee. Who made me laugh with his stories and impressed me with the many things he was so good at. Who always looked out for me, and left me notes that would simultaneously make me laugh and touch my heart.

My brother of all these years, of all those experiences, is going to have a baby. And I just couldn’t be more sure of what kind of dad he will be.

He will be loyal and caring. Compassionate and kind. Brave. He will be the kind of dad that makes their kids smile just by entering a room. He will make them laugh with his stories and make their eyes go big when they watch his BMX skills. He will hold them close and comfort them when they are sad. He will make them breakfast just because he wants to. He will write them silly notes to show them that he is thinking about them. He will talk to them about the things the are interested in, and he will give them space and encouragement to love the things they love. He will defend them and fight for them. He will remain loyal and loving even when it’s hard. He will be the person they want in their life.


I know he will be an incredible dad, because he has already been such an incredible brother.


*Photo taken by my sister-in-law and lovely mommy-to-be, Rhiannon. It melts my heart every time I look at it. 


4 thoughts on “My Little Brother Is Having A Baby

  1. This was so sweet. I don’t even know your brother, or you, but it made me remember all of days spent outdoors in the backyard with my sister and the neighborhood kids and all of the silly things we would do – crafts, games, making movies – life is good when you’re a kid!

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