Life Lately


bubble baths with my baby girl. I love her soft, cubby little legs. I love the way she splashes and wiggles. I love holding her tight – skin to skin – feeling the beat of her heart and marveling at this thing called life.

the podcast Grammar Girl recently produced about the updated changes to the AP and Chicago Style Manuel. I could listen to someone talk about commas, hyphens, and word usages ALL. DAY. LONG.

oliver’s stories. He will just start talking, telling these tales that are spun with so much imagination and whimsy that I find myself simultaneously impressed and carried away by his sweetness.

women who gather. I’ve been so encouraged by a few experiences I’ve had lately where I’ve enjoyed the presence of some truly wonderful women. I’m so grateful for the women who share their lives with me. It’s an incredible gift, and one I don’t take for granted.

having a sister. I’ve always, always wanted a sister. I was able to spend some time with my sister-in-law recently and, even though she has a sister of her own, and I know that is such a special relationship, I just feel happy to get to experience a piece of that for myself.

kids who feed themselves breakfast. Listen. I know that some of you get up and run three miles and have a cup of coffee and pray for every single person you know and knit blankets for babies all before your children get up at 6 am, but I am just not that person. My kids get up before me, poke me in the ribs to try and rouse me, and I mutter at them that I’ll “be out in a minute.” I eventually roll out of bed and, most days, find them in the basement, playing Legos and eating something sufficient enough to start the day. For all of this, I’m incredibly grateful. Judge me if you want. I truly try to “do mornings” but I just can’t. But they can feed themselves. So, you know. #blessed

Downton Abbey, Season 4. Oh my word you guys. I never made it passed season 3 when it first aired, and I just finished the season finale of season 4. SO GOOD! Paul Giamatti! Edith’s baby! Who will win Mary’s hand?!?! I can’t stop.

theo’s tender heart. I’ve so enjoyed watching my little boy become big. He has such a tender heart. He loves to go into Bea’s room at bedtime and sing her a made up “bedtime song.” His soft little voice could melt a heart of stone, and the way he calls her his “sweet girl,” well, I die just thinking about it.

not loving

laundry. Just for kicks, I wanted to see how much laundry we actually generated on a daily basis. So I washed all the laundry in the hamper every day for a week. I did three FULL loads a day. Good grief. My kids are so dirty. How do you mommas of 4+ do it???

dreary days. Seriously. Ohio has been so gray and dreary this spring. I hate it. Haaaaate it. I know this sounds melodramatic, but I despise Ohio springs with every fiber of my being. I know spring is supposed to be all “springy” with new growth and stuff, but I’m just dying for summer. I really try to be grateful for the “signs” of spring and take comfort in them. But mostly, I just see weather that is still gray and cold and rainy. Give me heat. Give me sun. And give it to me now!

my posture. I’ve recently had the misfortune of seeing photos of myself taken from behind and one thing is abundantly clear: I have the posture of a sulky 14 year old boy. This can not go on.

jeans. I mean, if there is one thing the Amish have going for them, it’s the never-having-to-go-jean-shopping-cause-we-just-wear-dresses thing. The horror, THE HORROR! I just need one pair. One, really good pair, that makes me look like a million bucks but only costs $30. Is that too much to ask? I uh…(whisper voice) tripped this winter and put a big hole in the knee of my favorite fitting, best looking pair of jeans. I was devastated. I’m still devastated. I bought those jeans back in the day when I could still shop at Banana Republic because we didn’t have tiny people who needed expensive things. They were also the perfect level of broken in, so that even though they were a pre-baby size, they comfortably stretched to accommodate my post-baby butt. There will never again be another pair like them. Rest in peace, you beautiful piece of denim, you. You were an asset where you were needed most. (wink)


Ok, now your turn! What do you love about life lately? What do you not love? Share away!




4 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. LOL about the perks of being Amish! And I totally know what you’re saying about spring in the Midwest. I absolutely hate our long, sticky, sweaty summers in South Carolina…but I loooove our springs. I remember so well those long weeks in Indiana where everything was brown and gray. Here we basically go from Christmas to Spring and it’s glorious. Come visit me! 🙂

  2. Omg, I loved this post!! I am also in SORE need to going jean shopping! I’m down to one pair that semi-fits and doesn’t have holes in the knees, but even that pair is loose in the waist. I was just researching online and think I’ll stop at Old Navy and the Gap. Usually ON is my standby! $30/pair and good fit. 🙂
    Your kids sound ADORABLE. Chubby baby thighs and a sweet little boy – you are blessed!
    Downtown Abbey … oh my word, how did you not finish it previously?! That is one of my favorite series, and my husband even watched it with me! I’m tempted to rewatch it after we finish (again) Band of Brothers, and I think you tipped it. 🙂
    Grammar Girl has a podcast?! Awesome! (no, seriously)
    I am loving that we went to the park today and were actually WARM. I’m not loving that it means the next time we’ll be sunburnt and sweating! I’m also not loving the way my baby is becoming quite stubborn … just like I was. Sigh. I’m loving that Easter and Passover are soon – we decorated eggs today and it was sublime!

    1. Thank you!
      I wasn’t able to watch DA all the way through the first time because we didn’t have cable, and we’ve only just now had Amazon Prime in the past year so that I’m able to catch up — and I’m so happy to get to do so now!
      You should definitely check out Grammar Girl’s podcast. I LOVE listening to it each week.
      I agree, I’m loving warmer temps, too. Sunburns are no fun for anyone, though. Hopefully no one got too burnt!
      And yes – it’s a lovely time of year with Easter and Passover. Take care, and good luck to you on YOU jean shopping adventures. 😉 ❤

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