This list of things I’m currently enjoying is straight from my Happy Planner! I don’t ever fill it out, but I thought it would make a fun writing prompt. 🙂


It is finally warmer here in Ohio. Hallelujah! The sun was out today and I enjoyed two of my favorite things in the whole world – yoga and sunshine! Oh glory be. I feel so desperate for the nicer weather this year. This past winter felt so long and blahhhhh and cold and ALL OF THE GRAY THINGS. I love my kids so much, but when you are trapped inside with them 24-7, something inside of you starts to snap. Never underestimate the healing power of a momma, sitting in the sun, ignoring her kids’ whining.


Aldi currently offers this pineapple poblano pepper guacamole. I’m not going to say it’s changed my life or anything, but if this guacamole were a person I would have already invited it to come live with us. I love it so much. I looooove it, you guys.


The kids and I made dandelion lemonade the other day and it was a huge hit. It was fun to make, tasty to drink, and dandelions that have been steeped and turned into a beverage are incredibly good for you. “Dandelion blossoms steeped as tea can help relieve headaches, menstrual cramps, backaches, stomach aches and even depression.” (From LearningHerbs) The recipe that we used for our inspiration can be found here. You can also add any additional herbs or edible flowers to liven up your blend!


I’m still working my way through Downton Abbey. I’m almost through season 6 and loving it. Mike and I only have two episodes left of News Room and I’m not sure I can emotionally take the ending of this show. It’s been such a powerful and inspirational show to watch, giving Mike and I lots of food for thought and great conversation starters. I’ve loved every minute of it. 


I’m taking the kids to visit a friend tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it. She is going to teach me about foraging and the kids will run wild and it should be a lovely time.


I just finished up You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons and am still mulling it all over. Lots of mulling. I’m half way through The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee and it’s been such an encouraging and lovely read. I’m desperate for some good fiction recommendations, though. Something light. Why is everything about brutal murders and dark sexuality these days? Gah. I CAN’T HANDLE YOUR DARKNESS. I need to laugh and be charmed, not scared and scarred.


Oh man. Texting and I have not been getting along lately. I don’t know. I feel overwhelmed by the constant deluge of talking-talking-talking that takes place in my home right now. I try to be a good friend/texter-backer but I’m just not.


We got Theo this enormous bouncy soccer ball for his birthday and I’ve had so much fun tossing and kicking it around with the kids in the yard. It’s also incredibly cathartic to grab the ball and run around the yard while they try to take it from me. NOT THIS ONE, BUDDY! You may have taken my sanity and my good looks and my last piece of toast this morning BUT YOU WILL NOT GET THIS BALL.


We celebrated HARD for Theo’s sixth birthday. We took him to an old school diner that serves nothing but hot dogs and fries and milkshakes and loaded him up on things that aren’t good for the body but are great for celebrating. We ate doughnuts that morning of his birthday. Then we had an all boy party that was both terrifying in it’s wildness and fun to see Theo interact with his buddies. But seriously. I came away from that evening totally understanding how the plot of Lord of the Flies could happen. Like, no questions asked. I feel like we were moments away from witnessing it first hand. BOYS!


The Head and the Heart have a new song, All We Ever Knew. I love this band and their beautiful music so much. I’m also currently researching and dreaming ways to get to Bonnaroo to see them this summer. A girl can dream, can’t she? Man, I miss the days of summer concerts.


I just bought a pair of black jeans, jeggings, and a dress from ASOS. It was my first time purchasing from them. It was a depressing experience to order the jeans because it required me to measure my hips and waist, but it yielded two pairs of pants that fit perfectly. And the dress…oh the dress. It’s the dress of my dreams and I’ll be wearing it on repeat all summer long.

I got these black jeans and these jeggings (they are high waisted and soooo cute).


I’ve been pinning a bunch of essential oil “recipes” for my diffuser. What are some of your favorites? Here is a list of some of mine.

PLANNING: We are still trying to plan a vacation. I’m trying not to get discouraged. Something will happen! Where do you plan to go this summer?

VISITING: We recently visited The Black Pig in Cleveland and it was phenomenal. I highly recommend.

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  1. I love this! I love reading posts about things that make others happy. Happiness is contagious and with so much chaos in our world, it’s always nice to see some joy ❤ After reading this, I had to stop and think about what's making me happy at the moment too ❤

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