Let Them Be Little

Recently, my two boys sat down with a local toy store’s Christmas’ ad and wrote their very first ever Christmas list.

It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever witness. They hovered over the magazine, looking at each toy and trying to sound out the words for each item they wanted so they could add it to their list. Theo patiently helped Oliver, a rare and beautiful thing to see. Then, they circled each item in the magazine, just in case.

Those lists are precious to me. Seeing Theo’s words that he carefully sounded out, mostly misspelled but not to the point that I can’t tell what he was going for. And Oliver’s, just a page of doodles and circles that I know – to him – means everything.

Last year, I was the very practical mom who did the popular gift giving trend of gifting the kids something to read, something they need, and something to wear.

I felt good about that decision last year. This year, I do not.

For one, brief window in time, the kids are at these golden ages where they are absolutely head over heels for toys. They are delighted by gifts. They want nothing more than a toy robot, a remote control car, and Star Wars figurines. There will come a day where the wish list is bigger and more expensive. And a day after that when the wish list is far less tangible and far more difficult to fulfill.

For now, my babies are still small and their wants and desires are small sized. They come in brightly colored packages with too much plastic and not enough educational value. But I simply don’t care. They are kids, first and foremost. And they will not be kids forever. For now, they don’t care about practicality or durability or sustainability or minimalism. And so, for now, neither do I.

These kids will continue to grow and one day they will have grown up cares and desires.

But for today, for this Christmas and a few after, they are simply my babies. Their bodies are tiny and their wants are few. This Christmas, I will celebrate the greatest gift I’ve been given – their lives – by honoring their tiny wishes in ways that will delight them, just as much it will delight their parents.

Because we were made to give good gifts. Our life is a gift, and our life should be a reflection of that gift. And so this season – we give. Not with any other aim in mind, than to reflect the very delight the original, benevolent gift giver, has in us.

7 thoughts on “Let Them Be Little

  1. I needed to read this today. I have so many of these same thoughts. “I don’t want to buy them toys that they’re going to play with for a few months, then forget about!” But last night I started thinking a lot like you. They’re growing so fast, of course they aren’t going to be playing with the same toys forever. Just like they grow out of the clothes we buy them, they will grow out of toys. It doesn’t mean we don’t buy them clothes, so it shouldn’t mean we can’t buy them toys. Just like we do with clothes, we’ll pass the toys on to someone who is ready for them. These years are passing too quickly to be practical.

  2. I love this! My husband and I used to have so much fun shopping for our children at Christmas time when they were little. Now that my youngest is 14 and wants a Nintendo Switch, I do appreciate the days of matchbox cars and Lego sets. One thing I know for a fact- childhood is fleeting and you only go through it once.

  3. I’m not sure if pingbacks are working or not, but in case they aren’t, I just wanted to let you know I shared your post over at my place. I loved this, we, too, are letting them be kids. We’re allowing them their wants. Of course, I’m proud when one of their wants are books 🙂

    1. They do work! Thank you so much for sharing, and I appreciate hearing from another parent who feels similarly! And I hear ya, a request for books would be the best case scenario, lol. Maybe in a few more years we will get there. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome for sharing. Sometimes they just need to read the right book to actually want one for Christmas. I have one reading “The Land of Stories” series and one reading the “Puppy Palace” books 🙂 It’s not what they most want, but at least they made the list!

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