A Yoga Challenge, Pregnancy, and Gettin Real About How I Feel

This week, I wanted to do a few special blog posts centered on pregnancy and yoga. In particular, I want to share some insight on the health issues I face and how that’s affected my pregnancies and my yoga practice. My main purpose behind these posts is to encourage all you pregnant mommas in your quest for knowledge and your desire to stay healthy during your pregnancy. As always, encouragement and inspiration are the name of the game around here. Continue reading “A Yoga Challenge, Pregnancy, and Gettin Real About How I Feel”

The Natural Ways I’m Fighting My Allergy Symptoms (Alternately Titled, The Day I Took the Most Expensive Nap Ever)

Allergies. Bah. Am I right?

Allergies are the bane of my existence, and right now, they are making me feel downright miserable.

The headaches. The congestion. The stuff that runs down the back of your throat and makes all your food taste like nothing. Make it stop! Please, someone! Continue reading “The Natural Ways I’m Fighting My Allergy Symptoms (Alternately Titled, The Day I Took the Most Expensive Nap Ever)”

My Pregnancy Workout Routine

I can’t overstate just how important exercise is to me during my pregnancies. Not only does it help me to stay fit, but it helps alleviate the aches and pains that accompany pregnancy. Even more important, it works wonders to boost my emotional health. Taking care of myself both inside and out is always a priority to me, but even more so when my body is housing and growing a special house guest! Continue reading “My Pregnancy Workout Routine”

Blogger Bites: A Great Recipe For Kids, Another Veggie Burger & More!

Welcome to another installment of Blogger Bites! In my last BB post, I mentioned that I’ve been trying to make some things from scratch that I would normally buy prepackaged for convenience sake. I’ve also been trying to mix things up in the veggie burger department. And, I’m continuing to try and involve Theo in the kitchen. Continue reading “Blogger Bites: A Great Recipe For Kids, Another Veggie Burger & More!”

The Judy Garland Effect: My 10 Suggestions to “Get Happy”

When I was a kid, I remember watching Judy Garland perform “Get Happy” in Summerstock. I loved the song itself, but more than that, I was completely mesmerized by her performance. She was so sassy and vivacious and completely embodied the spirit of the song. She communicated that “getting happy” wasn’t just a change in your mindset, it was a total body experience. You couldn’t just think happy, you had to be happy. She made me want to put on a tuxedo jacket and dance.  Continue reading “The Judy Garland Effect: My 10 Suggestions to “Get Happy””

Fibromyalgia: My Story of Pain, Diagnoses & Strength

For the better part of 15 years now, I’ve been living with Fibromyalgia, a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain along with several other related issues. I was diagnosed when I was in high school.

I had been experiencing muscular and joint pain, a long with sleep related issues for quite some time, but time and time again, every doctor we went to simply assumed I was depressed and dismissed me as such. Or worse, they accused me of being hormonal or dramatic.

I was not depressed, I was in pain. Continue reading “Fibromyalgia: My Story of Pain, Diagnoses & Strength”

Thirties Are the New Twenties (No Really…)

This year I celebrated my 30th birthday. Your 30th is quite the milestone, and – a least for me – signaled a shift away from some things, and towards others.

Along the way, I’ve enjoyed reading various “30’s lists.” Lists that mark what you should be wearing by now, how you should be behaving, and general thoughts on moving away from the college “finding yourself” years, and officially into adulthood. Continue reading “Thirties Are the New Twenties (No Really…)”

Blogger Bites: Vegan Muffins and A No-Knead Bread Recipe!

One thing I try to do on a weekly basis is to have some sort of homemade snack in the house for my family. I’m not against store bought snacks, and goodness knows we have plenty of those, but if I can have at least one, healthful and homemade option lying around, then I feel like I’ve accomplished something.  Continue reading “Blogger Bites: Vegan Muffins and A No-Knead Bread Recipe!”