What Every 30-Something Needs To Know About Entertaining

My husband and I love to entertain. Our summer schedule is more laid back, so we take advantage of having a bit more time on our hands in order to open up our home to our friends and family. It is one of my favorite things about summer!

This past summer, I made it a personal goal to have a couple or family over once a week. These invitations weren’t always for dinner, and they weren’t always planned weeks in advance. While some weeks we hosted a family for a sit down meal, other times we simply extended an invitation for an impromptu dessert night with friends. Regardless of the specifics, our goal was simple: welcome as many people into our home as possible! Continue reading “What Every 30-Something Needs To Know About Entertaining”

Brothers and BMX

In terms of coolness, I have to say my brother has always had me beat. He is just the kind of guy that everyone loves, with a contagious laugh and a knack for telling the types of stories that makes everyone double over with laughter. He is good at everything he does. Or to put it another way: My most popular blog post to date? Yea. It was about him. (You can read, “Here’s Lookin at You, Kid” here.)

Here’s the thing. I’ve always been a little jealous of my friends who have sisters. I mean sure, in high school it was all drama over who borrowed what and who took longer in the bathroom, but as adults, the sister bond sounds pretty great. I feel like I know so many girls who are down to hang out…as long as they aren’t doing something with their sister first. Continue reading “Brothers and BMX”

This One Goes Out to All You Type-A Personalities. You Know Who You Are…

I recently started going through a book with a group of friends for the purpose of conversation, encouragement and inspiration. The last time we met, I was struck by a common theme: we are all your classic type-A overachievers who have found that motherhood and life in general constantly puts us at odds with our goals, to-do lists, and general sense of accomplishment.

In a word, we were all frustrated. Continue reading “This One Goes Out to All You Type-A Personalities. You Know Who You Are…”

My 10 Favorite Memories From Our 10 Years of Marriage

Ok, this will be my last sappy, anniversary post. I promise. I tend to celebrate things far longer than just the particular date they occur. I mean, why not? So in honor of our anniversary week, I wanted to put together a fun post of my top ten memories from our ten years of marriage.

My husband and I get to go out and celebrate our anniversary this evening, just the two of us. It was fun to celebrate with the kids on Wednesday, buuuuut. I have a feeling tonight will be just a tad more fun. And relaxed. And I’ll get to pick out an outfit not based on it’s washability but based on how much I like it. yay. (Follow me on Instagram to see where all we end up!) Continue reading “My 10 Favorite Memories From Our 10 Years of Marriage”

Our 10 Year Anniversary – Talking About Making it Work

10 years.

At this point I feel as if I’ve always lived life with Mike. I can barely remember where life without him stopped and life with him started. And yet, when I look back at photos of our early years, I can’t help but think of how much we’ve changed and how far we’ve come.

Our life together started under dramatic circumstances. Nothing too dire, just your run of the mill family drama, but suffice it to say that Hollywood won’t be requesting the rights to our story anytime soon for the next RomCom. None the less, our story is our story and a decade later I’m starting to really cherish it. Not for the mistakes or the hardships or even for the good parts, but simple for the fact that it is OUR story. I love the lessons we’ve learned, the progress we’ve made, and the pages that we’ve written line by line – together. Continue reading “Our 10 Year Anniversary – Talking About Making it Work”

On 10 Years of Marriage: An Open Letter to My Husband

Mike –

Can you believe it’s been 10 years? A whole decade! It seems hard to believe, and yet, I can’t believe how much we’ve packed into those years. So much change. So much growth. So much fun. So many tears. So many adventures. So many apartments!

It’s funny to think about how much we love our life together, isn’t it? I mean, if you stop to think about it, our time together has been hard. We’ve faced so many challenges and struggles. And yet, when I do stop to think about our time together, it’s not the struggles that come to mind. Continue reading “On 10 Years of Marriage: An Open Letter to My Husband”

Hitched and Happy: How to Date Your Spouse

We are about to roll up on 10 years of marriage. That’s right, in less than two weeks we will have officially been married a whole decade! One thing that I love most about our marriage is that I genuinely enjoy spending time with this guy. Sure, there are plenty of times that we drive each other crazy and need our space, but for the most part – what we really want – is time together. Continue reading “Hitched and Happy: How to Date Your Spouse”

The Story of a Table: The Story of a Life

IMG_2405 IMG_2404
Mike recently refurbished our old dining room table. We’ve had this table as long as we’ve been married. His parents gave it to us shortly before our wedding when they bought themselves something new. We spent the weeks leading up to our wedding sanding, priming and painting all of the hand-me-down furniture we had either thrifted or been gifted.

Those early years of our marriage are special memories to me. I can still perfectly imagine our first apartment. Our combined living room and dining room was so small and the table so large, that literally almost every photo taken in that room also shows the back of a dining chair. Continue reading “The Story of a Table: The Story of a Life”

A Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

Today I woke up with someone extra in my bed. For the record, this never happens. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was startled awake by a little body hurtling up over the side of the bed, carrying a blanket and an armful of buddies. Theo knows mommy won’t get out of bed before 8. But since he can’t tell time, he also knows he has to wait on me to say, “Ok! It’s 8:00, time to get up!” So for the most part, he has gotten used to occupying himself until I decide it’s “8:00,” wink, wink.  Continue reading “A Mother’s Day Weekend Recap”

How My Husband Pursuing A Master’s Degree Has Changed Our Family

Shortly after our second child was born, my husband started his Master’s program in Educational Leadership and to earn his Principal’s license. Going into it we knew it was going to be tough – he already has one full time job, a part time job and a family – but he felt confident that the timing was right. He has big dreams, and knew that this was the next step for him.

When Mike told me he was ready to start his Masters, I didn’t know what to think other than I trusted him. I was a little anxious to have him even more unavailable as I already felt stranded at home. Never the less, every fiber of my being trusts that when Mike says, “take this leap of faith with me,” there will be a safe place to land. Continue reading “How My Husband Pursuing A Master’s Degree Has Changed Our Family”