My Boys, My Phone, and Me

We talk A LOT about impulse control in our house. My two oldest boys have exactly zero self control. This, I hear, is developmentally normal. I was told the horrifying statistic that boys will struggle with impulse control – and all things prefrontal cortex related – well into their twenties. Their twenties, for goodness sake! Lord help me.

For this reason, I try to talk to my boys openly and honestly about cause and effect to help them start to become aware of their actions, which will hopefully have an impact on helping them develop the kind of self control that thinks first and acts second. Continue reading “My Boys, My Phone, and Me”

Finding A Rhythm of Rest

If it weren’t for my bookmarks tab, I’m not sure I could have found my way to my blog tonight. And I’m only sort of kidding.

Hi. Hey. How are you?

I logged on tonight to tell you I’m doing fine. I logged on to write a few words down because my soul longs to write. I logged on because I’m trying to sort things out and this space – writing, blogging, talking here with you – is how I make sense of the jumble inside my brain.

So life, lately. It’s been…. Continue reading “Finding A Rhythm of Rest”

Assume The Best

Mike and I (and baby Monty) spent the past weekend celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary by exploring Cleveland, eating all.the.things, and enjoying some time together away from home and our normal day to day. It was refreshing and relaxing and so much fun. I love spending time with Mike more than anything in the world. (I’m still working on finding a way to get paid just to hang out together. There has to be a way! 😉 ) Continue reading “Assume The Best”

Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be

I was having a bad day. It was mostly self inflicted, as bad days (I’m learning) usually are, when I received a card from a friend. She, like me, is in a season of transition. A season of new baby meets old life meets figuring out expectations we didn’t know we had meets trying to figure it all out. (What does it all MEAN, we ask, and what should we DO about it?)

In her card she wrote:

transition = tumult

Yes. Yes that is it exactly. Continue reading “Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be”

Baby Number Four: A Birth Story

I came to a different and awed understanding of what life is. It’s not what you think it is. First, what you call your life is not yours at all – not yours to plan, manipulate, or control, at least not very often. That’s a staggering realization. I was humbled to see that the maturity and serenity I thought I had achieved was simply the result of having things my way all the time. If life wasn’t mine, what was it? In fleeting moments of deep satisfaction and insight, I saw the absolute truth of life…love that is no mere word, love that goes beyond feeling, love that is life itself. I was filled with a rush of respect for all mothers everywhere. This was how we all got here. What miracles, what sacrifice, what love! I never knew, nor could I have, before now. Can you imagine this love? Can you anticipate it, fabricate it, measure and evaluate it? No, you can’t, you can only be love, and your child will release its magnitude within you. -from Momma Zen, by Karen Maezen Miller

Where do I start? Continue reading “Baby Number Four: A Birth Story”

Chasing Sunsets: My Maternity Photo Shoot with Baby Number Four

As I write this, I have the sweetest little baby boy snuggled – not in my belly – but on my chest, asleep in my ring sling. Our fourth baby joined our family exactly three weeks ago, and he has been pure joy. I’m tired, grateful, constantly hungry, and a bit out of sorts…but life is good, friends. So good.

I really started to slow down towards the end of this last pregnancy. I was feeling pretty good, but it all started to catch up with, me which meant slower days and much (much) earlier nights. I had to let go of some of the extras (like blogging) which means I never got to share my maternity photos with you! My sweet friend, Chrissy, recently started honing her photography skills and offered to “practice” on me. I put practice in quotes, because once you see these photos you’ll realize what I already know – she is an incredible photographer. (PS she ALSO made the gorgeous flower crowns I wore for the shoot. She is just one of those people who makes everything she touches look beautiful. 😉 ) Continue reading “Chasing Sunsets: My Maternity Photo Shoot with Baby Number Four”

The Source of Bad Days

Being a parent is way harder than I ever expected. I don’t know what I expected, exactly, but it wasn’t this.

I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to learn what I needed/need to know.

All I knew, at the time, was that Edward and Bella were in love and about to have a baby and ohmygosh I’M IN LOVE and I’M ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY! (Yes, I was reading Twilight when I was pregnant with my first. I have no regrets about this fact.)

Continue reading “The Source of Bad Days”

Hello. And a Few Things I’m Learning

Hello friends, it has been far. too. long.

I’m in the final weeks of my pregnancy with our fourth baby, and SO looking forward to meeting this new little one. It has been a wonderful pregnancy that honestly, I’ve not taken for granted and enjoyed with all my heart. But, it was also my first “winter” pregnancy and let me tell you – there is something to spending 31 weeks of your pregnancy in the cold, dark days of a northeastern Ohio winter.

None the less, spring has finally sprung and as the world comes to life around me I’m feeling renewed and refreshed and so excited for all that is to come.  Continue reading “Hello. And a Few Things I’m Learning”