Our Favorite Family Tradition. 2017 Edition

Every fall since becoming a mother, I’ve continued a tradition that my mother started when my brother and I were small children.

We bake treats, we dress up in Halloween costumes, and we surprise family and friends with a visit at their home or work.

We never tell anyone we are coming (it’s so much more fun to surprise everyone). This means that sometimes we knock on doors and nobody is home, or that we have inadvertently chosen a day when that person isn’t at work. But this also means that we make plenty of impromptu stops for people we didn’t plan on seeing and the day is always full of visits and surprises and fun. Continue reading “Our Favorite Family Tradition. 2017 Edition”

Life Lately: What We’ve Been Up To

Fall is always a fun time of year for our family. We celebrate all but one of our birthdays (Bea’s is up next in November), which always makes life feel extra full in a special sort of way. And we tend to soak up the last of the warm weather and beautiful changing landscape with lots of impromptu adventures that fill our memory bank and hearts with all sort of goodness. Continue reading “Life Lately: What We’ve Been Up To”

I Gave Up Folding My Boys’ Laundry

I haven’t folded my boys’ laundry for a month now, and it. has. been. GLORIOUS.

My boys are ages 6 and 4, and they create a massive amount of laundry. Between their love of throwing “mud bombs” (help me, Jesus), spilling 3/4 of everything they eat on their shirt/pants/shoes, and the fact that getting to the potty on time is hard because “I’d rather be playing,” all I do outside of all the other things I do, is LAUNDRY. Continue reading “I Gave Up Folding My Boys’ Laundry”

An Interview With The Person Who Has Taught Me The Most About Friendship

I am full of excitement and anticipation for today’s blog post. I just know you will come away with some encouragement and inspiration after reading my dear friend’s thoughts on friendship.

Sheila and I became friends when our oldest two were just babies, and our friendship was forged when our husbands were busy pursuing their respective master’s degree program. Once a month, we would trade off coming over to each other’s homes on Monday nights to share a meal together and be there for each other during an otherwise very dark period in both our lives. Ohhhh. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. Higher education for husbands with wives with little babies to care for at home is straight from the pit of hell. But I digress. This is a happy post! This is a post about friendship. This is a post where you get to meet a person who is not only incredibly special to me, but who has also taught me the most about friendship. I’m honored to know her and be called her friend. And after reading this, you’ll know why. Enjoy.

/// Continue reading “An Interview With The Person Who Has Taught Me The Most About Friendship”

Celebrating Oliver

We celebrated Oliver’s birthday with cheap party decorations from the Dollar Store (including the official “birthday goblet” that everyone uses on their special day), stacks of coconut pancakes for breakfast and a caramel apple bundt cake (made by big brother) for dessert that night. We walked into town for a bag for of penny candy and sat on a bench to soak up the sun while we ate our our treats. We sang “happy birthday” several times throughout the day, and were surprised when Aunt Rhiannon showed up with a special birthday snack. We hugged and we kissed and we cherished the little life that means so much to us all.  Continue reading “Celebrating Oliver”

I’m Not Going To Let Insecurity Tell Me Who I Am, Anymore


Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness. – The Queen B, Miss Brené Brown

I’ve been living in a haze of thoughts, emotions, questions, and revelations lately. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed. I’ve felt dizzy with excitement. I’ve exhaled big breaths of stress that I didn’t even realize I’d been carrying. And stunningly, most of all, I’ve found pieces of myself that I never fully realized I possessed. Continue reading “I’m Not Going To Let Insecurity Tell Me Who I Am, Anymore”

An Update On My “15 Minutes A Day” Goal

A few months ago, I shared with you my goal to work out for 15 minutes a day.

Although I would describe myself as a regular exerciser, I have one fatal flaw – I tend to go all or nothing. I either go for a morning walk, do a workout at the kids’ nap time, and then throw in a little yoga to round it all out – or – I do nothing. I don’t like living in extremes, mostly because, well, I tend to gravitate towards them. I wanted to change my approach to be a little more balanced and to keep my workouts more consistent, so I gave myself a challenge: exercise every day for just 15 minutes. I could exercise for more if I had time or the energy/motivation, but the goal was just 15 minutes. It didn’t matter what I did, just that I did something.

(You can read that full post, here.)

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