Easy and Inexpensive DIY Bath, Body, & Baby Products

Last week, I made a bunch of all natural, DIY bath, body, and beauty products. I did quite a bit of research to find recipes that had ingredients that were simple, inexpensive, and could be used interchangeably. I had so much fun with this project. I love the idea that they are simple, good for our bodies, and that I can make them myself! Today, I’ll be sharing the recipes for:

I love soaking in the tub and take a bath about once a week. In the past, I’ve always soaked in a combination of epsom salts, oils, and an all natural bath bomb or clay mix. But there’s one thing those don’t offer: bubbles. It is really difficult to purchase an all natural bubble bath. In fact, I’m yet to find one that doesn’t have a fragrance, a synthetic color, or some life-preserving chemical in it. There might have been a time where I would have sacrificed natural ingredients for a good bubble bath, but now, I’ve got a new tub buddy and it’s just too important to me that I give her body natural goodness whenever I can.  Continue reading “Easy and Inexpensive DIY Bath, Body, & Baby Products”

Five Things

Happy Friday, friends!

1. At my weekly visit to Aldi the other day, I was pleased to discover boxes of frozen macarons in their special buy isle. I got to try my first macaron this summer when we visited Savannah, Georgia and wow, let me tell you. Those little beauties live up to they hype. AMAZING. They were baked by a chef who trained with Julia Childs. (I know, right?!?) So of course, I wondered if Aldi could produce something similarly amazing.

Last night I tried two: lemon and pistachio (I’ll savor the lavender one last 😉 .) The verdict? The lemon macaron was just ehh. But the pistachio one was out of this world! I can’t wait to try the rest.  Continue reading “Five Things”

The Natural Ways I’m Fighting My Allergy Symptoms (Alternately Titled, The Day I Took the Most Expensive Nap Ever)

Allergies. Bah. Am I right?

Allergies are the bane of my existence, and right now, they are making me feel downright miserable.

The headaches. The congestion. The stuff that runs down the back of your throat and makes all your food taste like nothing. Make it stop! Please, someone! Continue reading “The Natural Ways I’m Fighting My Allergy Symptoms (Alternately Titled, The Day I Took the Most Expensive Nap Ever)”

My Favorite All-Natural Beauty Products

I love beauty products. I mean, I really, really love them. I think I inherited this from my mom. We both have the same passionate love for all-natural beauty products, and if they are locally and hand made…well then we really can’t pass them by. So assuming you have even a mediocre interest in all-natural personal care, today’s His Girl Friday post is a quick guide to some of my go-to favorites. And….to go along with this theme, I have a fantastic gift basket to raffle off to one lucky reader, full of some amazing all-natural, locally (well, local to me that is), and handmade personal care items, generously donated by Edens Shower. But more on the raffle later.

I’ve enjoyed makeup for as long as I can remember. I grew up with my mom selling Mary Kay, and I remember walking into the closet where she kept all her products and longing for the day when I could start doing exotic things like exfoliating and wearing blush. Occasionally she would fill up the little plastic demo trays with an assortment of makeup samples for me to try. I thought I was so glamorous. Continue reading “My Favorite All-Natural Beauty Products”