Thursday Things I Love: Fields of Clover, Little Gardeners, and Food

Well. Summer was off to a great start here in Ohio, but now Summer seems to be going through some sort of identity crisis and thinks it’s Spring because it’s been cold and rainy around here lately.

Come on Summer! Tighten up!

It’s been a good week around here. Theo is fully recovered from his surgery, Mike and I are getting into a good summer schedule groove, and I’ve been doing yoga every day which has been like the best thing ever. Here are a few things I’m loving lately: Continue reading “Thursday Things I Love: Fields of Clover, Little Gardeners, and Food”

Thursday Things I Love: Little Readers, Vintage Baby Clothes, and College Friends

This week, we’ve all struggled a bit to get back in the swing of things after having Mike home with us last week for spring break. We’ve just felt “off” as a family. Plus, the boys aren’t sleeping…which, as all parents know, means we aren’t sleeping. I barely remember what all has happened this week, it’s just been a blur. (Side note. Mike and I went through three bags of coffee while he was home on break. THREE BAGS!)

But, like any week, there are always good things that happen. Things that make me smile, moments that mean a lot to me, and conversations that brighten my day. Things like… Continue reading “Thursday Things I Love: Little Readers, Vintage Baby Clothes, and College Friends”

A Month In Review: Thoughts On Becoming A Family Of Five


Beatrice is officially one month old today, and I just can’t believe it. I feel like I literally just had her two seconds ago. I know, I know. Everyone says that. But still.

This is my second draft of this post. The first was rambling and nearly incoherent. Yesterday was a busy day with the boys, and I was up all night with Bea who had a hard time nursing and even harder time getting settled for some reason. So my writing abilities are a tad bit hampered at the moment. So I’m just going to keep this “review” simple, starting with this photo that pretty much sums up what it feels like to now be a family of five: Continue reading “A Month In Review: Thoughts On Becoming A Family Of Five”

The Story Behind Bea’s Name

So as much as I hate to admit it, my husband came up with our boys first names – Theodore and Oliver. I contributed to the middle naming process, but he was the originator of their first names. But when we found out we were having a girl, Mike had a harder time settling on a name he liked. That was fine by me, because I already knew who this girl was.

Beatrice Willow  Shipper, my baby girl.

Continue reading “The Story Behind Bea’s Name”

Baby News


Baby girl arrived this weekend, and we are all home, happy, and healthy. I’ll be taking the week off to just enjoy this oh-so-special time. I plan on filling my days by holding my baby, smelling her squishy little body, and staring at her in that creepy, new mom way ;-).

When I return, you can expect to read our birth story, hear the story behind her name, and read about our first Thanksgiving together as a family of five. (Eeek!) Continue reading “Baby News”

Maternity Shoot With Baby Number Three

Guys, I’m absolutely in love with these photos from the maternity shoot I did this week! The weather was beautiful, the boys were cute, and things just kept working out in really weird yet amazing ways. Like when my friend, Bri, and I went up to the local hardware to take a few shots. We were almost done when she suggested that we go around the corner to take a few more with this really cool classic car she had seen. That car? Belongs to my dad. (A Comet, Mercury that he re-built himself.) My parents must have come into town for a walk. They were no where in sight so we took a few photos and were on our way and they were none the wiser.

Surprise, dad! They aren’t quite like the photos I used to take standing next to your old cars as a kid (hopefully these are slightly more lady-like), but I hope you like them just the same.

(Details on my vintage white dress, the location, and my floral crown can be found in this post.)

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