Wishing I Were A Cooler Blogger

The other day I was looking at some of the other blogs that I admire. On a daily basis, I see piles of unbelievable photos of trendy households, uber stylish wardrobes, and just all this cool stuff, you know? And then I look around at my life, with my wonderful but modest home that would hardly be featured in Houz, and my wardrobe that is, well, not only maternity but on it’s third cycle, and I think about all the cool stuff I want to do or have but can’t right now, and I feel just so…so…..normal.

I do not, for the record, say this with an ounce of self pity or jealousy. It’s not that I long to be someone different, or that I think these other people are somehow better than me. Sure, I would take some of these blogger’s wardrobes in .01 seconds if they offered them to me, but I really am content with my life. I just wonder sometimes why people would ever want a tour of my home, or a preview of my capsule wardrobe, etc, etc, when there are so many better, cooler options out there.

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