Baby Number Four: A Birth Story

I came to a different and awed understanding of what life is. It’s not what you think it is. First, what you call your life is not yours at all – not yours to plan, manipulate, or control, at least not very often. That’s a staggering realization. I was humbled to see that the maturity and serenity I thought I had achieved was simply the result of having things my way all the time. If life wasn’t mine, what was it? In fleeting moments of deep satisfaction and insight, I saw the absolute truth of life…love that is no mere word, love that goes beyond feeling, love that is life itself. I was filled with a rush of respect for all mothers everywhere. This was how we all got here. What miracles, what sacrifice, what love! I never knew, nor could I have, before now. Can you imagine this love? Can you anticipate it, fabricate it, measure and evaluate it? No, you can’t, you can only be love, and your child will release its magnitude within you. -from Momma Zen, by Karen Maezen Miller

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Bea’s Birth Story

She’s here! Someone pinch me because it almost feels too good to be true. On Saturday, November 21, Beatrice Willow Shipper entered this world and changed our lives forever. As promised, I have lots of baby related news and stories to share this week (ok, maybe more than a week), so sit back and get ready for loooots of baby pictures. Oh the cuteness. Lord have mercy. This is gonna be fun. Continue reading “Bea’s Birth Story”