Our Favorite Date Spot: Cleveland

You might wonder why we are willing to drive an hour + for our dates, but to us, it’s a no brainer. Cleveland captured my heart years ago as a vibrant city full of culture, diversity, and perhaps most importantly – good food. I mean, really, really good food. Some of my all time favorite restaurants are in Cleveland. Some of my best memories with Mike took place in Cleveland. And now that we have children, Cleveland is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to do fun day trips with the whole family.

Last Friday, Mike and I headed into Cleveland to the Flats East to attend the Taste of Summer festival. It was a gorgeous, hot, summer evening. I put on one of my favorite H&M tanks and skirts, my new Born Concept espadrilles, waved goodbye to the kids and our sitter, and off we went. Footloose and fancy free. IMG_3444 Continue reading “Our Favorite Date Spot: Cleveland”

Thursday Things I Love: New Projects, Dates, and Spring

I read this quote recently and loved it:

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

-Ann Lamott

My friend Whitney recently posted about a date night at Chick Fil A where customers were encouraged to turn off their phones and put them in a box on the table for their Family Challenge. I really like that idea. As a blogger, it can be difficult to turn off your phone. What about taking pics to use in posts next week? What about updating social media to keep people engaged? Blah blah blah. I love my phone and I think people take their phone/social media bashing a bit far. I mean, you can ALWAYS find something to be distracted by; if it wasn’t our phones it would inevitably be something else. But, with that being said, I love this idea of “unplugging” from the world for a bit and recharging the proverbial batteries. This is so powerful to do as a family. Go for a walk. Read a book. Just be together, without the noise of the outside world clamoring for your attention. If I’m brave enough, I might even choose one day a week to “unplug.” I’ll keep you update. Er, or not? Lol, see the conundrum I have here? Continue reading “Thursday Things I Love: New Projects, Dates, and Spring”

Thursday Things I Love: Puppies, Dates, and Baby Slippers

This Quote:

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

This Puppy

My brother and SIL bought a puppy! Josh invited me and the kids over to meet Bowie and I had so much fun watching Theo love on that little doggy. Theo loves dogs. He has this weird sixth sense about them, too. When Mike took Theo trick-or-treating this fall, Theo asked one lady (at a house he’d never been to) where her dog was. Mike said something along the lines of, “Why do you think she has a…?” before he could finish he was cut off by the appearance of – you guessed it – a dog. So weird.

Oliver does NOT like dogs. He screams. SCREAMS. So that is why he is pictured above on the couch. With a blanket. Whimpering. And, ironically, holding a doggy stuffed animal. (Kids. Sheesh.)

In the bottom left photo, Josh let Theo have the leash to take Bowie out before we left. Theo and Bowie started running and before long, the two of them were tangled together. There was lots of laughing and licking. I’m not sure who was more puppy-like: Theo or the actual puppy.  Continue reading “Thursday Things I Love: Puppies, Dates, and Baby Slippers”

Hitched and Happy: How to Date Your Spouse

We are about to roll up on 10 years of marriage. That’s right, in less than two weeks we will have officially been married a whole decade! One thing that I love most about our marriage is that I genuinely enjoy spending time with this guy. Sure, there are plenty of times that we drive each other crazy and need our space, but for the most part – what we really want – is time together. Continue reading “Hitched and Happy: How to Date Your Spouse”