The Best New Place For Kids In Northeastern Ohio: Jump n Shout

Families in the Northeastern Ohio area are in for a treat. Recently, Neil and Natasha Wood of Wooster, Ohio, opened the doors to their new business – Jump n Shout – a one stop fun and entertainment area for kids of all ages. I got the chance to sit down with the couple recently to hear more about their story and to check out their new facility. I left so excited to come back with my kids and my friend’s kids. This place, is awesome.

Neil and Natasha have two kids of their own – an eight year old son and a four year old daughter. They noticed that it was difficult to find places that both their children enjoyed.

“All of the places we visited cater to children of the same age, which means someone is always missing out,” Neil noted.

The couple also struggled to find fun things to do with the kids in the winter. The couple is originally from South Africa where it is sunny all the time and as a result, most activities are outdoors.

“But then we moved to Ohio for work,” said Natasha, “and we needed to find something to do when the weather turned cold. Continue reading “The Best New Place For Kids In Northeastern Ohio: Jump n Shout”

How To Host A Clothing Exchange

A month ago, I went to my first clothing exchange and it was life changing. As the name implies, this is an event where you get clothes. For free. Read on, dear readers. Read on…

Ok, so basically, a clothing exchange is where you get together with a bunch of girlfriends, pile all your unwanted clothes in the middle of a room, and then go to town sorting through the stack – trying things on, adding to your collection of “new clothes,” and generally having a ball. You leave the clothing exchange with more clothes than you came in with, feeling like a whole new woman with a brand new wardrobe. Oh, and the clothes that nobody takes? The host donates them to a local women’s charity! It’s so awesome, you guys.

So here is how you go about hosting your own clothing exchange: Continue reading “How To Host A Clothing Exchange”

Something to Fall in Love With

I have always loved the written word. Some of my earliest memories are of reading. I can’t tell you what you would see if you travel by car from Ohio to Florida, though I’ve made the trip many times; I could describe to you, however, the details of each book I read during those long drives.

I won’t tell you something nerdy like, “some of my best friends are books,” or “open up a book and see where it takes you.” I don’t read to escape or to pretend. I read because the written word is amazing: it can make you feel every emotion under the sun; it can reveal new thoughts and ideas; and, maybe most importantly, it can change you. Continue reading “Something to Fall in Love With”

To Sir, With Love

Today was a good day. Nothing special happened. I didn’t receive great news. My toddler and 3 month old weren’t even particularly well behaved. But it was a good day because I baked a cake with my son, Theodore, and he reminded me of a very special truth about love.

Let me back up. My kids have been grouchy all week, and I have no clue why. Nothing bad happened, they aren’t sick, and they haven’t been deprived of the things they need on a daily basis to remain happy and healthy. After several days of this, one can become pretty grumpy themselves. But, today was different. Today I decided that no matter what, Theo and I were going to bake a cake together.

I got out a recipe from Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. (Side note: You should check this book out whether you have kids now or plan to have them in the future.) It is an unbelievable easy cake to make with your kids, as it is practically impossible to mess up. (Something I need even if I’m not baking with my almost 3 year old. I’ll include the recipe for Gateau Au Yaourt – yogurt cake – at the end of this post.) Continue reading “To Sir, With Love”