The Fall Event That Has Us Most Excited!

If you’ve hung around His Girl Friday for awhile, then you know one place our family loves to go for outdoor family friendly fun is The Wilderness Center in Wilmot, Ohio.img_7236

One of TWC’s biggest annual events is The Enchanted Forest (and one we are SO excited to attend this year). Recently, my oldest son – Theo – and I were able to sit in on dress rehearsals to bring you a little preview of this special event which runs Friday, October 7 through Saturday, October 8! Continue reading “The Fall Event That Has Us Most Excited!”

Our Family’s Favorite Fall Recipes

I love summer cusine, but isn’t there somthing so cozy and nostalgic about the food we prepare and serve this time of year? The cinnamony smell of pumpkin baked goods. The sizzle of fresh greens on the stove. The satisfying taste of a perfectly flakey, buttery crust on a veggie filled pot pie.

I’m hungry just thinking about it.

Thanks to a suggestion from my dear friend, Diane, I’m sharing with you some of my family’s favorite recipes that I make each fall. I hope you’ll give a few of these a try and let me know what you think! Continue reading “Our Family’s Favorite Fall Recipes”

Our Favorite Fall Tradition

Every year, close to Halloween, Theo helps me prepare a treat and together, Theo, Oliver, and I dress up for Halloween and deliver the treats to family and friends. It is absolutely the most fun tradition we have and I look forward to it every year.

Because this tradition requires quite a bit of running around and a decent amount of planning, I keep the treat simple. Plus, part of what makes this so fun is including the boys in every step of the process. Last year, we did slice and bake sugar cookies. This year, I used my friend Whitney’s recipe for three ingredient pumpkin muffins (you’ll find the recipe under her breakfast menu). The goal is to keep things easy enough that Theo and I can make the snack together without too much stress or time so that we can get right to the fun part – the deliveries!  Continue reading “Our Favorite Fall Tradition”

Things I Love Right Now: My Essentials for a Cozy Night In

There are a lot of really great outdoorsy reasons to love fall; the crisp air, the colorful leaves, and the amazing way a cup of coffee feels between your hands on a chilly afternoon. But I also love the way fall makes your home feel on the inside. The changing temperatures and scenery outside have a way of making everything feel so much cozier inside.

For me, fall is a welcome change of pace. I enjoy quiet nights at home, savoring all that this season has to offer. Today, I’ve put together a list of a few of my “essentials” for a cozy night at home. Enjoy.

**Please note: None of these links are for affiliates or sponsors. I’m simply sharing a few tried and true products that I love. I’m in no way compensated for doing so :-).

Continue reading “Things I Love Right Now: My Essentials for a Cozy Night In”

Things I Love Right Now: Blanket Scarves, Fall Trail Mix, and Pour Over Coffee

I’ve really enjoyed sharing a weekly, “Things I Love Right Now” post with you. It’s been fun to share snapshots of life, of what I’m enjoying, and talking about the small things that make me smile. I hope you continue enjoying this series, too! Continue reading “Things I Love Right Now: Blanket Scarves, Fall Trail Mix, and Pour Over Coffee”

Picking Pumpkins – Our First Fall Family Activity of the Season

The heat is still hanging on here in Northeastern Ohio but, dangit! I’m ready for fall. I’m ready to wear sweaters and drink hot cider and do so without sweating. This past weekend we woke to a slight chill in the air that, although it didn’t last long, excited me with the promise of a new season. First thing on our fall family activity list – pumpkin picking! Continue reading “Picking Pumpkins – Our First Fall Family Activity of the Season”