What My Little Easter Baby Has Taught Me About Control, Fear & Freedom

Honestly, I know there are people in my life who probably think they are a better mom than me because they have more rules, more structure…more control.

I wish I didn’t care what other people thought about me or my mothering – but I do. Mostly, I think, because I care so much about being a mom. It can be difficult to reconcile just how much you care about something with other people’s criticism of how you handle the thing you love. I’ve learned to see it for what it is, though –  a reflection of where other people are at and not a true reflection of me. Because what is true about me, motherhood, and how I view control, is that I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons that have left me a little beaten up at times, but ultimately – a whole lot freer. Because we cannot cling to control and freedom at the same time. Continue reading “What My Little Easter Baby Has Taught Me About Control, Fear & Freedom”

Creating Meaningful Connections: How We Stand In Our Own Way, and What To Do About It

While individual humans are made up of individual qualities, there is one quality that we all share – our desire to connect with other human beings in a real and meaningful way. We desire to be know. To be seen. And to be accepted. We are both made to form meaningful connections with others and made through the forming of meaningful connections with others. Connection is at the core of who we are and who we hope to be.

We all want it. We all crave it. But we aren’t always good at acknowledging and responding to that desire. Some of us struggle to form connections because we don’t think we need to, while others of us struggle because we don’t think we have the ability to.

Both, are fundamentally untrue. Continue reading “Creating Meaningful Connections: How We Stand In Our Own Way, and What To Do About It”

Thanks for the Memories, Jim & Pam

I’m feeling really emotional and sappy about my husband. You see, last week we finished re-watching the entire The Office series from beginning to end. That means this week I’ve been feeling the wide range of grieving emotions that comes from, well, you know…a tv series coming to an end.

It’s funny what suddenly gets ahold of our attention. What reaches out and grabs us. What wakes us up. What inspires us. Continue reading “Thanks for the Memories, Jim & Pam”

Time to be Brave

I’m not a teacher. Crowds make me nervous. And the idea of every eye in the room turning to look at me is enough to make my feel physically ill. Which is why I find it absolutely, positively crazy with a capitol C, that I’ve found myself doing something I never imagined myself doing in a million years: teaching.

No, I’m not teaching in the traditional sense of molding young minds in the educational system. I did, however, recently take the plunge to become a yoga instructor.  Continue reading “Time to be Brave”